Swim Spa Cost & Consumer Guide

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$7,000 to $8,000
Up to $30,000

Keep in mind that swim spa expenses are composed of several components beyond the initial purchase price. You will also need to consider delivery and installation costs, along with regular maintenance expenses in the long run.

Beyond fun and recreation, swimming is one physical activity that gives significant exercise value and health benefits. Many healthy people like to swim, as it builds endurance and muscle strength, tones the muscles, and improves cardiovascular fitness; on you.

The good news is modern homeowners can easily recreate the same swimming pool experience by installing a swim spa in their backyards. However, with several various styles and features, it's understandable for this purchase to get overwhelming at some point.

With that in mind, it's best to determine the quality and specifications you are looking for in a swim spa to make an informed purchase and avoid getting distracted by all the bells and whistles. Read on to know everything you need to know about swim spa costs, along with some critical factors to consider and figures on installation and maintenance expenses.

Swim Spa Average Costs

The cost of a swim spa ranges anywhere from $7,000 to $8,000. If you opt for high-end models with the best, cutting-edge features, it may cost you up to $30,000. While they are not exactly cheap, a swim spa still costs about half the price of a regular swimming pool.

Keep in mind that swim spa expenses are composed of several components beyond the initial purchase price. You will also need to consider delivery and installation costs, along with regular maintenance expenses in the long run. (Related article: How Much Does it Cost to Run a Swim Spa? Explained!)

Costs per scale: Low-end vs. High-end Swim Spas

There is a stark difference between a $7,000 swim spa and a $30,000 model. We'll explain the main difference regarding low-end vs. high-end swim spas below to give you an idea of what you get for your money.

Low-end Swim Spas

Low-end swim spas range around the $7,000 to $8,000 price points. These models are designed to be cost-efficient. Therefore, their features are expected to keep running costs low. Most of these swim spas are typically built overseas with the cheapest available materials. For instance, instead of using specifically designed jets and pumps for swim spas, these models may use generic parts used in cheap hot tubs. In return, these swim spas may give you an underwhelming swimming and massage experience.

The filtration systems in low-end swim spas may also sometimes be made for hot tubs instead (hence the lower costs). They are not designed to clean the water in your swim spa effectively. Some owners reportedly have high electricity bills because of this, given the filtration system must work nonstop to cleanse the water.

High-end Swim Spas

The higher the price, the higher the quality – and this is especially true when it comes to swimming spas. With price tags up to $30,000, high-end swim spa models have an excellent build quality and a full warranty. The warranty alone assures you that the model will last you for a long time.

These types of swim spas are made with special-grade equipment designed for swim spa use. Its current diverters, pumps, and swim jets are designed to deliver a better swimming experience than low-end models, which utilize cheap, hot tub parts.

Other top-tier functional and cosmetic features to note are powerful jet systems, entertainment options, touchscreen controls, and advanced water care systems. If you’re big on aesthetic appeal, some high-end models also have multicolored lighting and stunning waterfalls.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Swim Spas

Various factors can affect the pricing of a swim spa. Here are some of the defining features that can either increase or decrease the cost of your chosen swim spa:


Generally, the bigger the size of your swim spa – the more it will cost. A bigger size needs more materials and intricate equipment packages. Selecting the proper swim spa size doesn't have to be complicated. Determine your intended placement for the swim spa to choose the appropriate size you need. Keep in mind that standard sizes begin at the 7-foot square and 8-foot square.

While there are in-between sizes than the standard ones, these vary from one manufacturer to another. If you are working in a limited space, it's best to conduct quick research to find the right swim spa for your needs.

Number of People

Another factor that affects the price of your swim spa is the seating capacity. At first glance, a standard swim spa may appear to cater to 3-4 people simultaneously. In reality, it will be challenging to physically fit that number of people due to insufficient footwell space and water displacement.

Some models may offer you customization options, such as adding all bucket or bench seats to maximize the swim spa's seating capacity as much as possible. Consider models with one or two elevated areas. It can serve as a cool-down seat and a step to get inside and out of the swim spa.

Number of Jets

Some swim spa models only include around four to six jets – typically weak spa jets that cannot deliver powerful currents. Although they may look nice, the number of these jets will be of no value to your hydrotherapy endeavors.

Instead of selecting models built with 16 to 20 jets, you can take it slow. Start at eight to ten-jet systems if you want your swim spa to have a robust and powerful water current technology. Keep in mind that a swim spa’s functional features, such as an advanced powerful jet system, will affect its price increase accordingly.

Seating Arrangement

Contributing design factors, such as the model's seating arrangement, can significantly make your swim spa experience a comfortable one! While it generally equates to a higher price tag, the improved comfort is worth it. Some swim spas have ergonomically designed seats designed to fit your body's natural curves. To ensure the best possible soaking and massage experience, make sure you fit comfortably into the seats.

In choosing a swim spa model, opt to climb in and test the bottoms for yourself. If a seat does not feel comfortable when dry, it is unlikely to be comfortable when operational and wet. Other factors relevant to a swim spa's seating arrangement include choosing multi-level seating to ensure all body types can fit inside, a large footwell to accommodate plenty of bathers and safety steps in climbing inside the swim spa.

In-ground vs. Above-ground Installation

One of the most significant considerations when purchasing a swim spa is choosing between an above-ground or in-ground swim spa installation.

Above-ground Swim Spa Installation

Considerably much more versatile in space, you can place your above-ground swim spa anywhere you want, provided you have ample room to work with. It is pretty similar to the flexible placement of standard hot tubs. In contrast, you will need to dig, do some more laborious work, and add safety features to keep up with code if you chose to install in-ground swim spas.

It may also become an obstacle when it comes to placement. Typically, you will only need a 110v or 220v electrical outlet to run most above-ground swim spas. This type of installation is also less expensive, with various styles to choose from.

There's also no need for a lengthy installation process, so you can pretty much start enjoying your brand-new swim spa without more ado. Expect to shell out around $1,500 for this type of swim spa installation. In some cases, you might need to spend an additional $1,000 if you require the use of special equipment, (such as a crane) to haul the model in place.

In-ground Swim Spa Installation

Many homeowners simply prefer the traditional look of in-ground swim spas– especially for backyard retreat aesthetic purposes. This type of installation is known to complement your landscaping best. Although these swim spas may pose a risk to people who may fall in, they do not require the use of a deck or elevated platform to keep an eye on those who are using them.

If your children will often swim in the swim spa, this is one key consideration to keep in mind. Another thing, in-ground swim spas are significantly easier to access. This ease of entry is a significant plus for senior buyers who may have difficulties getting in and out of specific locations. Swim spas designed for in-ground installation are upfront cheaper, but with the installation costs – you will end up spending more.

Overall, it may cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 if we take the necessary excavation and drainage into consideration.

Indoors or Outdoors

Choosing whether to install your swim spa indoors or outdoors can also affect the total cost of your next home improvement project.

Indoor Swim Spa Installation

Suppose you want an indoor swim spa, such as in the basement, garage, sunroom, or any enclosure. In that case, it's best to have a glass solarium or a four-season room specifically designated for the area. Ensure that the swim spa location is near a washroom and shower. It's also best to install a floor drain to avoid any splash water in the area.

Proper ventilation must also be observed for the humidity and the swim spa's support equipment. Having an indoor swim spa will also require you to know the plumbing well, as you will need enough knowledge to fill the swim spa with ease.

Upon the installation stage, take precise measurements of the whole area first. This includes the ceiling height, the desired interior location for your swim spa, and the like. Other requirements (flooring and ventilation) can be settled later on in the process. Still, it's best to prioritize your available indoor space's size and limitations before browsing swim spa models. 

Outdoor Swim Spa Installation

When it comes to an outdoor swim spa installation, first check if you need to secure a building permit or other local regulations (neighborhood association, etc.) If you need to dig for the installation, always check with your gas, electric, and cable companies to ensure that no underground cables in the area will be affected in the excavation.

You'll also want to make sure that you can conveniently access the location from your home. Ideally, you need to shelter all the support equipment of your swim spa against any disruptive elements. Discuss this aspect in detail with your swim spa supplier, as it depends on the manufacturer and model you select.

During the installation process, take measurements of the total available space where you intend to set up your outdoor swim spa. Ensure that the floor level and the structure are sound, and it is possible to get to the outdoor location within a fair amount of time.

Model and Make

With over 40 swim spa manufacturers in the market, it can be challenging for first-timers to select the best swim spa make and model to meet their needs. At the same time, it is subjective to determine the "best" swim spa – but some excellent swim spa models with convenient features set them apart from the rest.

To name a few, consider swim spa lines by Hydropool Swim Spas, Arctic Swim Spas, Endless Pools, and Master Spas. These renowned models offer various customizable options, helping you find the perfect swim spa for all your needs. These spa models have their unique features, from a high-quality shell to efficient insulation systems.


There are many ways to look for a reputable water spa manufacturer with a good record and long-running business experience. You can start by researching and visiting the manufacturer's website, browsing the internet for reviews and complaints, or even watch videos of other consumers experiencing a fully functional water spa. Friends and families who own a water spa may also recommend a trusted manufacturer along with their testimonies about the product.

Take into consideration both the location of the manufacturer and the retail shop. The closer they are to you, the easier you can access their services and assistance. Ensure that the product comes with a good warranty consisting of ten years of structural warranty and three years of labor and parts warranty.

Cost of Delivery

If you do not want to pay the fees of your manufacturer’s delivery partner to bring your swim spa home, you can always get it yourself by renting a trailer that is large enough to transport it. The location of your house may also affect the delivery cost and be informed that the price does not include the setting up or installation of your swim spa.


A lot of different factors may influence the installation cost of a swim spa. Installation varies depending on its intended placement.

Each customer may be required to have different levels of site preparation and electrical work that may affect the installation cost. In some cases, cranes are also needed to lift over the water spa on tall buildings and places with high fences or other obstructions.

Swim Spa Installation Ideas

Below are some great ideas of swim spa installations to complement any backyard design and help you fit the model in any area of your house:

Edge of Deck Installation

Considered a crowd-favorite and a popular swim spa installation type, an edge of deck installation makes for a great choice. It combines the aesthetic appeal of a raised deck, along with convenient service access.

Half and Half Installation

Like a complete in-ground installation, a half and half installation typically require a bit of work on your end. However, it is notably easy to maintain and access once done. This installation type also gives you the freedom to cultivate beautiful landscaping in your backyard.

Stand Alone Installation

It is considered the most basic and easiest way to install a swim spa. Stand Alone Installations are convenient since it does not require any digging or use of any special equipment. Simply place them in the location you intend, and it's good to go! Regardless of its plainness, this installation type can effectively transform your backyard.

Raised Deck Installation

You can always count on a raised deck installation to look great. It also gives homeowners full-service access around the area while having an in-ground appearance. While it can be challenging to locate your hard cover's placement, this installation type significantly impacts the overall visual appeal.

Sunroom/Indoor Installation

If you're planning to enjoy your swim spa all year round, consider a sunroom or indoor swim spa installation. It's also a good alternative if you cannot install the swim spa in your patio area. Indoor swim spas require proper ventilation, but the results are totally worthwhile as long as you can maintain it well!

Swim Spa vs Pool: What are the Differences?

Swim spa and pools can both offer you the swimming experience you need within the comfort of your home. However, they still share tons of differences which you must keep in mind.

In-ground pools are a permanent addition to your property and are generally plumbed-in or built-in. They can also accommodate more people and may be built in various shapes and sizes. Meanwhile, swim spas are like hot tubs but are much more prominent in size, with more function and features. It has swim jets that produce currents that you can swim against, letting you enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy and exercise.

Installing a swimming pool can serve as a significant investment for your home. The price can also be affected by the size, the type of pool to be installed, and installation placement. The national average cost of owning a pool is $22,191. An in-ground pool can cost between $50 to $125 per square foot, while above ground pools may sit at $8 to $10 per square foot. Swim spas, on the other hand, are much cheaper to install than swimming pools. It may cost between $7,000 to $40,000 depending on the manufacturer, brand, size, feature, and installation requirements.

The Project Process for Swim Spa Installation

step 1

Prepare the Installation Area

Once you've decided on a particular swim spa model, it's now time for you to bring it home for installation. It would be best to plan your swim spa installation accordingly (either indoor or outdoor) to avoid any delays or problems in the later part of the process.

Prepare the delivery route as you transport your swim spa from the store to your home. In some cases, you might need a crane to deliver and install your swim spa in place. The best way to ensure your project installation will go smoothly and as planned is to consult with experts at the store.

step 2


When it comes to an in-ground installation, you will need to dig out a cavity to put your swim spa into place. Ideally, the pit needs to be 1 foot wider (or more) than the dimensions of your chosen model. It will enable you to lower and place the swim spa efficiently.

Once the swim spa is in position, fill up the surrounding area.

step 3

Consult an Electrician or Plumber

It's best to consult a professional electrician and plumber to ensure no existing underground cables or pipes will be affected by your swim spa installation project. In case you need to reroute some wires, they can help you do this efficiently as well.

Get a copy of your property's blueprint to serve as a guide as you deal with underground excavation and related activities.

step 4

Lay the Concrete

After excavating out the cavity for the swim spa placement, it's time to set the concrete in place. Six inches of concrete will need to be poured on the cavity's bottom, with shotcrete applied to the external walls. It will protect the swim spa's sides.

The shotcrete gives your project more strength as it alleviates the natural pressure on the swim spa walls– reducing any damage risk on your project. Make sure the underground installation area has proper drainage in this step.

step 5

Install your Swim Spa in place

Once all that is done, it's time to put your swim spa in place! In some cases, a crane will lift and lower your swim spa into the ground. A professional electrician will then install and connect all necessary power cables afterward.

Complete your installation from above after the surrounding gaps have been filled with excavated soil. You may then need to set stones, plant flowers, and install outdoor lights, to name a few. Make sure everything is in order! Should you require any assistance in this department, contact a local landscaper or home renovations company.

step 6

You Swim Spa is now ready to Use!

At this stage, your swim spa installation is considered complete. You may opt to fill your swim spa with water and various treatment products before turning the power on – and now it's time to soak inside!

Keep in touch with specialists if you require any additional information or have any swim spa-related queries.

Swim Spa Installation Guidelines

Now that you've chosen between an indoor or outdoor swim spa installation, here are some installation guidelines for your reference.

Indoor Installation Considerations

Choose a steady placement for your swim spa. It must hold the weight of the swim spa and the occupants when it is filled with water. When loaded with water, the swim spa can weigh up to 26,000 lbs. Ensure adequate support by consulting a contractor or structural engineer.

Add proper ventilation fans and dehumidifiers to handle your swim spa's high humidity. Keep in mind that the ceiling, walls, and wood reduce moisture and water resistance.

Chemicals evaporate in the water, leaving odor behind and possibly cause corrosion towards certain household items. Chemicals should never be kept in the swim spa cabinet or anywhere else where they might come into touch with water.

Every time you use your swim spa, water will run off from the swim spa vessel. Never put the swim spa over anything that the water or the chemicals could damage. Despite losing all its water, keep flammable things far enough away from the swim spa to prevent water damage.

Consider and plan for the unlikely possibility of a swim spa draining too quickly. You may want to install floor drains to facilitate draining and other activities. Always leave 3 feet of space around the swim spa for easy access during necessary repairs or maintenance.

The location of your swim spa in your house must be situated near a water source.

Secured local electrical and plumbing codes.

Take note of any other factors, such as compromised aesthetics or privacy concerns, that could affect your swim spa experience, safety, or enjoyment.

Outdoor Installation Considerations

Review applicable local regulations on electrical, enclosures, fencing, plumbing, and walls. Ideally, the swim spa is located within a sufficient distance from power lines (aboveground and underground). To ensure the utmost safety, consider child-proofing your swim spa.

Keep the distance close from inside of the house during wintertime usage. Also, consider the swim spa's view from inside the house for both visual appeal and supervisory needs.

Place your swim spa in a place with excellent sunlight exposure, access, lighting, views, property lines, and wind direction. Keep in mind that some chemicals in the water splashed may damage the nearby plants.

Since it is installed outside of your house, the location of your swim spa must be close to a nearby dressing room or bathroom.

Install nighttime lighting and settle local electrical and plumbing codes.

Important Considerations for Your Project

Looking for the swim spa of your dreams can be challenging and overwhelming at times. But you can always make the process a whole lot simpler by narrowing down your search with the essential considerations listed below.


Typically, you will need a solid, level surface in your backyard to handle the weight of a swim spa filled with water (around 20,000 lbs.) Consider how often you plan to use your swim spa and determine the proper placement to ensure accessibility for everyone using it.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when planning the location of your brand new swim spa.

Will the site for your swim spa compliment your landscaping?
What will be the view from inside the swim spa? Similarly, what will be the view of the swim spa from inside the home?
Will your swim spa location get sunlight exposure and shading from the trees?
Will your swim spa location give you some privacy?
How will you get to and from the swim spa from your house?
Is there storage for swim spa accessories nearby?
Will you need to settle association requirements and local building codes if applicable?
Is there a close power source in your desired location?

Backyard Space

Another significant deciding factor is the size of your backyard. If you only have a small space to work within your backyard, rest assured – a swim spa fits even in the tiniest backyard.

It is an excellent alternative to an in-ground pool, giving you enough space for swimming, relaxation, and playtime. With its convenient size, you can also opt to take it with you once you decide to move places.


Another significant factor to consider in swim spas is its insulation, especially its relation to energy efficiency. It's best to buy a swim spa approved by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC), a North American body highlighting environmental concerns.

Conduct a test to see how long it will take for the swim spa to filter all its water. Generally, the faster it takes– the more energy-efficient it is. You may also filter your search down to models with low-amperage filtration pumps.

Do note that hardcover may also increase insulation and energy efficiency to your swim spa usage. A 50 to 76 mm (2 to 3 in.) tapered cover is considered the industry standard, but a tapered surface measuring 76 to 101 mm (2 to 3 in.) will help maintain heat more effectively. You may also look into swim spas with adjustable venting.

Models equipped with heat lock technology use the motor's excess heat to warm up the water during colder months. As a result, some of this heat is released in the warmer months.


You will also need to consider the filtration capabilities of your swim spa. In particular, how long does it usually take to filter the water completely? Ensure that the skimmer is sufficient to provide filtration to remove debris.

A floating door will also help you skim the water's surface. Some models are also equipped with a floor vacuum to help you easily clean any dirt on the bottom. In some cases, you might need to buy a separate vacuum.

It's best to determine if your chosen model has a suction side filter or pressure side filter. While the former will give you cost-efficient filtration, it may be less effective than you'd want it to be (given it can only filter about 50 percent of the swim spa water). Meanwhile, pressure side filters may cost you more – but they can filter 100 percent. It means you can quickly clean the water in your swim spa.


Another factor to consider is your swim spa's disinfecting abilities. Typically, you will need to keep the water clean and disinfect it regularly if you want to keep your new swim spa safe and pleasant. To help you do this efficiently, consider models with an in-line chemical feeder instead of a floating dispenser. The latter will need to be removed every time someone enters the swim spa.

Look for a model with an ozone system that is meant to lower your overall chemical requirements. This technology reduces off-gassing and improves the quality of the product (saturation and killing power of ozone)

If you go with a saltwater bromine system (using saltwater as disinfectant chemicals), prepare yourself for a learning curve. Ensure your swim spa retailer fully comprehends the innovative techniques. It'll be simple to use after you've figured out the system, and it should make for a relaxing bathing experience.

Swimming Season

Installing a swim spa is a cost-efficient choice if you want to extend your swimming season to 6-12 months. That's every day you feel like lounging in the swim spa and soaking!

Most swim spa models are insulated against cold weather. With a built-in heater, you can count on your new swim spa to be available for use all year long. In contrast, traditional pools can only be enjoyed from 3-4 months a year.

Maintenance and Repairs

There are running costs to consider in having a swim spa. For instance, you will need to secure water to fill the tub and cater to any maintenance-related costs in the future, such as purifying chemicals, electricity bills, and possible repairs.

If you opt for a low-end swim span with a cheaper price tag, chances are repairs and maintenance issues may plague you more often. These models also do not typically come with a full warranty. Hence, you can expect to shell out more cash for repairs along the way.

Swim Spa Current Systems

There are several water current technologies to simulate water flow in your swim spa. It's best to understand each system's capability before making a purchase. Each current technology has different functions and prices.

Some of the most popular systems in the market are propeller, paddlewheel, and jetted.


If you do not have a limited budget, the propeller system makes excellent swimming, exercise, relaxation, and entertainment choices.

Typically, these are situated in front of the pool as they push water into the swimming area. Propellers may move between 5,000 to 7,000 gallons of water in one minute. Compared to other systems such as jets, the water current in a propeller system is much more robust, smoother, and more profound. They also give off less noise than jetted systems.

Consider propeller systems with various built-in speeds to enable different ability levels at your convenience. You can count on a propeller water system to give you an efficient and effective water flow in your swim spa. These models are somewhere in the mid-range price points, and they can assure you a good investment for your payment.

There are also different construction options for this type of swim spa systems, such as acrylic pools, fiberglass pools, and vinyl liner pools. Note that there are various pros and cons of each construction option. You may also need to look at the long-term running costs, such as equipment add-ons, liner replacement, and other requirements.


A swim spa with a jet system generates water current using one, two, or multiple nozzles found at the pool's front. These "jets" drive air into the swim spa, moving the water from the front and back. Generally, single jets can push between 250 to 500 water gallons in a minute (focused stream).

Based on where the jets are situated, your swim spa's water current depth may be shallow. Its width will also largely depend on the number of jets. This type of swim spa system is considered the most cost-effective option. There are various options: a single shell acrylic vessel, additional fiberglass backing (for added strength), and insulated fiberglass construction.

While you can save some costs on opting for a jetted system, it isn't considered an actual swim spa pool. The water current appears powerful as jets push air into the water, but it's primarily air and turbulence in reality. It also isn't strong enough for a swim. For swimming purposes, you'll very certainly need to have a tethering system. It would help if you also swam in the pool's center. However, the air and turbulence will make breathing difficult while swimming.


Considered the most powerful water current for swim spa usage, a paddlewheel system can circulate 25,000 gallons of water in a minute. It mimics a river's flow with a strong, smooth, and deep current. At the back of the pool, a large paddle wheel pulls the water into the back.

Afterward, it pushes the water via side tunnels or a false bottom floor (out a grille) in front. Commonly referred to as a water wall, the paddlewheel current encompasses the pool's full width and may run as deep as 30 inches. Even the most muscular athlete may be up for a challenge in such a swim spa with a remarkably powerful pool. It has 0 to 99 speeds, giving you the freedom to adjust the water flow for whatever purpose you intend. It may be in the form of workout programs or swim training routines.

You may also do core workouts, motion exercises, and chain exercises inside your swim spa. The pool-wide strong current will support you when you are in the water for your aquatic rehabilitation needs. While this water current technology comes at a higher price tag (compared to the propeller or jetted system), it's a worthwhile investment to consider. You can count on its variable speed control system and industrial electric gear motor– long-lasting, requiring little maintenance, and offering versatility in swimming options. Select this system if you want the best in the market.

Aside from swimming, swim spas equipped with a paddlewheel system can help you get a full-body workout efficiently. With most paddlewheel pools made of fiberglass construction, it is designed to last you for long years.

Swim Spa Current Quality

Regardless of how your swim spa generates current, here are four factors determining if your swim spa current is considerably good.

Strong Current

Your swim spa's current should be powerful enough to challenge your body and put your muscles to the test. If you can outswim the current easily, you might not get the utmost fitness benefits offered by your swim spa model.

Controllable Current

Even though your swim spa's current is considerably powerful enough, keep in mind that you also need it to be easily controlled. If you cannot adjust the water speed accordingly, robust currents may overwhelm you. As a result, you may not enjoy the swim spa as you should.

Smooth Current

Besides having an impactful and easy-to-control water current, you will also greatly benefit from having a smooth current in your swim spa. Turbulent waters, in contrast, will make it difficult to swim in. It may also put you in discomfort as it unpredictably pushes the swimmer around.

Wide Swim Lane

Keep in mind that your swim spa's swim lane refers to the area where you feel the water's push. If you have a wide swim lane, it will be easier for you to remain in the current and enjoy the swim experience as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do swim spas cost compared with other pools?

The price comparison will entirely depend on the type of pool vs. a swim spa. Generally, a high-quality swim spa worth $20,000 to $40,000 will cost more than an above-the-ground pool, which costs only $10,000 to $15,000. However, on the lower range of the scale, some low-end swim spas may only cost $7,000 to $8,000.

Meanwhile, an in-ground pool may cost $40,000 to $50,000 or even more, depending on its size and other modifications, making it the most expensive choice among the three.

Is a swim spa easy to maintain?

The latest technology makes swim spas very convenient and easy to maintain by introducing various cleaning and filtration systems.

Some of these are the UV Sterilizer, which helps disinfect your swim spa, and ozone water clarifiers, which oxidize the water and eliminate harmful microorganisms and small metal particles.

Additional maintenance that isn't time-consuming includes using a tablespoon of sanitizer every few days, adding maintenance chemicals, and monitoring the water's pH balance level using a simple test strip.

How often should I clean and treat my spa water?

With the available systems that help your spa stay clean, you do not have to work on it as often as you think.

You will have to drain and refill your spa’s water every 3 to 4 months, but it may need to be earlier after heavy usage. Rinsing the spa filter must also be done every 1 to 2 weeks and replaced after a year.

Can I exercise in a swim spa? 

Yes, you can exercise in a swim spa because it is generally designed for relaxation and movement. Given its size, you can still do a variety of exercises such as:

1. Water jogging/Walking. As it implies, you can jog or walk while submerged in the spa. The resistance from the water will help you put on some work without pressuring or damaging your joints.

2. Swimming. Simply swimming against the current of your swim spa should be enough to keep your entire body moving.

3. Core exercise. Take advantage of the current to perform some core exercises in the corner of your swim spa. You can place your hands from each side of the tub and execute some crunches while keeping some part of your stomach and chest submerged.

4. Muscle relaxation. It may serve as your post-workout activity. All you have to do is turn off the swim spa current and relax those sore muscles after a long and tiring exercise routine.

Final Thoughts

Consider a swim spa to be an excellent investment, especially if you've chosen the right size and make it fit your needs. If you're willing to put in the time and effort to keep it in good shape, you can count on it to last around for many years!

Given that a swim spa has easy maintenance, manageable running costs, and an all-year-round swimming season, it is turning out to be a more popular alternative by the day than standard swimming pools. Homeowners with small backyards can also benefit from a customized swim spa, especially with their undemanding installation and versatility.

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