Pricing Guide: How Much Does It Cost To Install A 10×10 Paver Patio?

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Is it time for your next home improvement project? You may want to consider a paver patio installation! A standard 10x10 (100 square foot) paver patio will cost from $1,250 to $4,500.

Note that the total costs may vary depending on several factors, including the design, location, and paver materials. We’ve gathered all the updated prices for your patio project. Let’s get calculating!

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Sample Patio Project: 10 x 10 Paver Patio

To provide you with a clear overview of this project's scope, here’s an actual sample of a 10x10 paver patio project.


  • Pavers (10x10 or 100 sq ft) at $550
  • Landscape fabric (3’ x 50’) at $20
  • Rebar (½ inch x 10 ft) (2 pieces) at $6
  • Truck Delivery Fees at $80
  • Paver spike - Steel 10 inches at $45
  • Paver base panel (24 pieces) at $13
  • Paver sand (10 pieces) at $2.5
  • Paver edge (8 pieces) at $7
  • Paver set polymeric sand (2 pieces) at $20

Running total cost: $1,150+ excluding tax or discounts. Total costs may increase depending on the local labor rates in your area if you’re hiring a professional to take care of the job. 

10 x 10 Paver Patio Cost Factors to Consider

A 10x10 paver patio project would be easy to budget if we only consider the total area. But in reality, several factors may affect the costs. This includes the location, patio shape, and preferred material.

Suppose you have a concrete patio with a simple square shape. In that case, you can expect it to cost less than a curved stone paver patio. Let’s discuss the different factors you need to consider.

1. Material

First, we have the choice of material for your paver patio. Some materials may cost you more than others; hence, they may add up and significantly impact the overall design.

Brick is a crowd-favorite choice for paver patios, as it offers a classic look. Other homeowners may want to consider natural stone for the added elegance and sophistication.

Paver Material

Average Cost Per Square Foot


$9 to $18


$11 to $20


$16 to $27

Natural Stone or Slate

$12 to $31

Before choosing a paver type for your project, consider their average costs to see if it fits your budget. Aside from the material costs, the labor costs in the installation process may also vary – given some paver types have easier installation than others.

2. Labor Costs

In essence, any complexity in the project will only hike the total bill. Most homeowners spend $9 to $23 per square foot to cover labor and materials.

3. Patio Shape

Simple angles make it easy for professionals to complete your dream patio project. But if they have to deal with curves and tight corners, this will require more time on their end.

As such, patios with several twists and turns will cost you more than others. Remember that your contractor will need to intricately cut and re-shape the paver materials to bring your design to life.

4. Location

Let’s say the area in your home that you want to install the patio on has a rather bumpy terrain. In that case, you may need to pay for professional land grading services. This costs anywhere between $2 and $11. Homeowners who already have a level ground area with easy accessibility may pay lower.

5. Paver Design

Gone are the days you need to stick with basic patio designs such as herringbone or running bond patterns. Now, mosaic or spiral designs are also increasing in popularity.

This ensures your patio project is unique, but this will also cause the price tag to rise. Complex paver patterns will demand more planning, attention to detail, and expertise from your contractor.

6. Intended Use

Homeowners who want to install a paver patio surrounding a pool or in a heavy-traffic area may need you to select specific materials to use for your project. That said, this will also affect the total costs.

7. Additional Upgrades

In most cases, homeowners consider working on future projects to upgrade the new patio’s design. This includes adding landscape lighting fixtures to outdoor kitchens. Here’s a breakdown of the patio additions you may want to check out.

  • Landscaping. A quick and easy way to boost the visual appeal of your patio is through a fresh landscape design. Consider including ornamental grasses or colorful flower beds.
  • Outdoor kitchen. This one is for the home cooks! The next time you host an outdoor dinner party, an outdoor kitchen will impress your guests.
  • Outdoor lighting fixtures. There are plenty of night lights you can add to your patio, so the space sparkles at night.
  • Firepit. Family gatherings are perfect as you surround the classic fire pit.
  • Pool. If you have the budget for it, you can also install a patio on your pool for your family to enjoy. Those who don’t have the budget for a pool installation may consider alternatives such as a hot tub.

Is a 10 x 10 Paver Patio Project Worth the Investment?

Think of a paver patio as an open lounge where you can provide outdoor entertainment to your loved ones. Other than that, you may also turn it into a personal lounging space where you can relax and cozy up.

A paver patio project will also improve your property’s current value. So, if you’re thinking about selling your home down the line, it will only make it more attractive to interested buyers (given the proper care and maintenance).

You can consider a DIY paver patio project if you have the right skills and expertise. But if you are not too confident you can do the job by yourself– hiring a contractor is always a wise investment. They can take the task off your hands. Just do a thorough background search to hire the right people for the job!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a permit to install a patio?

Remember that building permits may vary across local governments, and you might be required to have them depending on where you live. Some cities and counties may implement strict rules regarding significant landscape changes. Determining whether you need to acquire a building permit for your patio is your responsibility. In some cases, you might not need a permit as long as your deck does not exceed a specific size limit.

Is it cheaper to lay concrete or pavers?

Poured concrete is simply the most affordable per square foot in installation costs. However, even if pavers have a higher upfront cost, it offers more durability and value than poured concrete and stamped concrete.

Do pavers make a good driveway?

Yes. In fact, concrete pavers are a trendy choice as building materials to pave walkways, patios, driveways, and other surfaces. This is because they are manufactured to high standards, making them a durable and uniform product for driveways that are made to last.

How much value does a paver patio add?

Homeowners investing in a paver patio can expect minimal maintenance, durability, and most of all, added home value. According to a leading real estate source, a properly installed patio can deliver anywhere between 30% to 60% worth of return investment.

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