Patio Furniture For Small Outdoor Spaces

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Are you struggling to find furniture that your small patio, deck, or yard can accommodate?

Even if you have a small space, you can still have patio furniture to turn your outdoor area into a place that you can relax or entertain in. Your outdoor activities don’t need to be limited by its size, you just need to get the right space-saving furniture for your home.

So to help you make the most out of your small outdoor space, here are some patio pieces you can get.

Folding Chair

What’s great about folding chairs is that you can fold and store it if you need to use your patio space. You can easily move it around and even bring it indoors or to a family outing. Even if it’s light, these chairs are durable. The product above is heavy-duty and can hold up to 250 pounds.

If you’re worried that the chair might fold while you’re sitting on it, it comes with a safety lock to stabilize the frame. It is also made out of rattan wicker which makes it rain-resistant and it’s more comfortable to sit on than folding chairs that are made out of wood or metal.

Storage Seating

If you have a small space, it’s best to have furniture with a double purpose. Sofas or benches with storage is a good option for small outdoor patios or yards. Even if it’s hollow inside, the product above can hold up to 771 pounds.

Since this furniture is outdoors, it comes with a lockable lid to secure your stored items or patio accessories. Having a place to store your extra stuff will help keep your outdoor or patio area tidy. These items will be dry even if it rains because this bench is made out of durable UV-protected resin that is moisture-resistant and it has built-in ventilation.

Sofa with Ottoman

With small outdoor spaces, it’s hard to fit in more than four-piece sofa sets. If you want a sofa with extra seating, you can get one that has storable ottomans. For the product above, you can also use the ottoman as a tanning bed or turn it into a large bed where you can put your feet up.

Don’t worry about the rain or sun because this loveseat is made out of durable steel and rattan, making it hard-wearing and weather-resistant.

Plant Stand and Stool

Another furniture with a double (or quadruple) purpose that you can get is a plant stand that can also be used as a space-conscious seating, side table, or storage ottoman. You can place magazines, spare pillow, toys, or other items in it. It’s made out of polypropylene plastic, making it durable and weather-resistant.

It comes in other colors, so you can get red, orange, or green, whichever one matches your house or yard theme. You also don’t need to set it up because it is delivered fully assembled.

Cooler table

If you’re getting a table that will fit in your small outdoor space, you can get one that also doubles as a cooler. This cocktail table can keep your drinks cold up to 12 hours and has a top for your wine glasses, beer mugs, or coffee cups.

If you love having barbecue parties, outdoor wine and cheese night, or just have coffee outdoors, this product will be a great addition to your home. It is also hassle-free to clean up because it comes with a drain plug. It’s made out of 100% recyclable plastic resin material, making it durable and weather-resistant. Just bring a couple of your folding chairs and you now have a three-piece bistro set.

Foldable Table

Similar to folding chairs, you can get a foldable table that you can bring out whenever you need it. You can leave it there or store it if you want to use your patio or yard space.

This product also doubles as a side table or lap table and it is easy to store or move around. It’s wide enough to hold your laptop, drinks, a dish, or magazines. You can use it to work outdoors or maybe eat on a lounge chair.

This product is made out of wicker and has metal frames, making it durable and weather-proof. The material can also withstand ultraviolet rays that it won’t fade easily. It comes fully assembled, so you don’t have to worry about setting it up.

Nesting table

Another table you can get is a nesting table. Since it’s not practical to get one large table, you can get multiple smaller tables that can be easily stored together. So if you need one table or three, just arrange it together or separate it.

The product above has a cement with Mosaic tile design and a black iron frame. It’s heavier than nesting tables made out of rattan or plastic because of the cement and iron, but it is better at withstanding strong gusts of wind.

Outdoor bar cart

If your patio or yard can’t accommodate a bar, you can get an outdoor bar cart that you can easily wheel in or out of your outdoor space. This three-in-one entertainment station is perfect for barbecue parties and outdoor gatherings. It can be used as a service cart since it comes with a spice rack, two sidebars for paper towels, four S-hook hangers, and a bottle opener.

You can also use it as a prep station and its stainless steel surface makes it easy to clean after a successful dinner outdoors. It comes with a lockable and sealed storage where you can keep your plates, water bottles, snacks, utensils, and more. Aside from parties, this cart doubles as a movable gardening storage station for your supplies such as gloves, water cans, bag soil, and other gardening tools.

Don’t worry about this cart rolling away because you can adjust its legs to stabilize it on even or uneven surfaces. It’s also not a problem to leave it outdoors (but don’t forget your cooking equipment) since it is made of resin which makes it weather-resistant and durable. It comes in a smaller size if you don’t have space for this extra-large model.

Half umbrella

If you want to provide some shade to your small outdoor space but it can’t accommodate those large patio umbrellas, you can get a half umbrella. This umbrella is perfect for smaller spaces and can be placed against walls to provide shade to your yard. It even comes with LED lighting that is solar-powered, so you can relax under it even in the evening.

This product has an aluminum pole and steel ribs to make it durable but it can’t withstand wind stronger than 4 mph. The fabric is solution-dyed polyester but you should cover it when it’s not being used to minimize fading from the sun and extend its lifespan.

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