Outdoor Space Heaters: Are They Any Good?

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With our Florida sun, you might think that we won’t ever need an outdoor heater. But sometimes, the temperature drops in the evening and suddenly, you wish that you got that heating device.

If you love to spend the evenings outdoors, you should get an outdoor space heater. When I first heard about this appliance, I was skeptical if they really work. 

How can a Space Heater provide Heat Outdoors?

By giving off radiation, outdoor space heaters can warm up an area. This type doesn’t need insulation, which means it works well in closed areas and outdoors. Its heat affects clothes and skins and not the ambient air - that’s why it can be used outdoors for basic heating. 

This heater can instantaneously warm up the air for a short distance in multiple directions. It can increase air up to 20°F above ambient temperature.

Benefits of Outdoor Space Heaters

If you don’t have a fire pit or fireplace, an outdoor space heater is a great way to warm up your patio or pool area so you can maximize your time outdoors. Even if you already have a different device that gives off heat, you can use this to heat up hidden spots in your backyard. It’s an effective and economical device to warm up an area that is far away from your fireplace or fire pit. 

This device is silent and can provide instant heat that doesn’t affect air quality as much. It also doesn’t require much upkeep and it comes in different styles and sizes to fit different outdoor areas.

Electric Outdoor Space Heater

Most outdoor space heaters use electricity as a power source. An electric outdoor space heater or infrared outdoor space heater can simply be plugged into a standard outlet to make it work. It provides an infrared spectrum of light that increases the temperature around it.

Here are the pros and cons of this outdoor space heater:


  • Inexpensive: You can get one for $100 to $150.
  • Convenient: You can just plug and turn on to warm up your outdoor area.
  • Weather-resistant: It’s made out of durable hardware, but as a safety precaution, keep it under a roof.


  • Area coverage: This space heater cannot cover a large area. You will need to purchase several if you want to heat up a wide space.
  • Not as portable: Since it requires a plug, you can’t place it anywhere in your yard, patio, or outdoor area. You’ll be needing an extension cord.
  • Proximity: To feel the heat, the light should shine on you directly. 

The warmth this outdoor space heater gives off vary per brand and model. Before buying, check the number of watts to find out how much heat it can provide. You can also determine how big the area it can warm up by determining this rating.

Aside from the brand and model, it also varies per style. Here are the different styles of outdoor space heaters:

Free-standing Outdoor Space Heater

Free-standing or floor heaters are one of the most common styles for outdoor heaters. You’ll often see this in the outdoor area of restaurants.

This style is great since it is narrow and only takes up vertical space. You can also place it at the center of an outdoor table with a cutout in the middle. It can also work in semi-enclosed and open areas. Make sure to buy a model that will not hit the roof of your outdoor structure.

Here are some recommended Free-standing Outdoor Space Heaters:

Sundate Electric Infrared Space Heater

Three settings (500, 1000, and 1500)

N/A - garages, outdoor patios, courtyards, or covered decks


Carbon fiber tube for instant and quiet heat. Comes with a remote control, rocker switch, and LED display. Can be free-standing or wall-mounted. Waterproof and has automatic overheat protection.

U-cristallo Free-standing Space Heater

Three settings (500, 1000, and 1500)

N/A - garages, outdoor patios, courtyards, or covered decks


High-quality carbon fiber heating that can heat up in three seconds. Durable and energy-saving. It can be free-standing or hung on the wall or ceiling. Comes with a remote control. Waterproof. Side LED display and switch comes with a plastic protective shell. IP34 and ETL certified.

Parasol Outdoor Space Heater

Also called umbrella outdoor space heater, this style is usually attached to a canvas, umbrella (hence the name), or the ceiling of a gazebo or dome. These heaters are easy to install and use, but they are only ideal for small areas.

You will also need an extension cord nearby, but you’ll have space since this style only takes up vertical space.

Here are some recommended Parasol Outdoor Space Heaters:

ATR Folding Outdoor Electric Infrared Space Heater

Three settings (500, 1000, and 1500)

Area: 12 square feet
BTUs: 5100


Uses long-lasting halogen bulbs which are more shock-resistant. No noise, odor, fumes, harmful gas, or chemicals. Panels can be folded independently. Easy to install.

Star Patio Folding Umbrella Electric Patio Space Heater

Three settings (500, 1000, and 1500)

Area: 12 square feet
BTUs: 5100


Easy to use and install. Foldable for easy storage. No noise, odor, fumes, or chemicals. Weather and dust-resistant. IP34 and cETLus Certified.

Wall-mounted Outdoor Space Heater

Another space-saving outdoor space heater is a wall-mounted one.

They can also be placed on the ceiling or you can get one with a removable tripod to make it free-standing. What’s great about this type is that it has adjustable vents so you can redirect heat upwards or downwards. It’s great for tight areas since it doesn't take up much space.

Here are some recommended Wall-mounted Outdoor Space Heaters:

TRUSTECH Patio Heater Space Heater

Three settings (500, 1000, and 1500)

N/A - large garage, balconies, backyards, and outdoor bars


Warms an area like sunlight in just 3 seconds. One-button start and no noise. Carbon fiber gold-coated tubes for efficient heating. 4-step installation. Comes with a smart remote control and LED display. Automatically shut-offs at a certain temperature. ETL certificate.

Xbeauty Wall Mounted Infrared Space Heater

Three settings (500, 1000, and 1500)

110 to 160 square feet


Shock-resistant carbon fiber heating pipes that provide instant heating. Waterproof and dust-proof. Automatic overheat system to shut-off above a certain temperature. No odor, fumes, or chemicals. It can be used on a courtyard, outdoor patio, garage, or deck with roof.

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