No-See-Um Screen: The Best Choice for Your Pool and Patio Screening Needs

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Small insects, AKA no-see-ums, can be a headache for many homeowners. This is especially true in the summer months, where more of us long for more relaxing days in our backyard oasis.

So, if you're looking for a reliable insect screen built to last, consider checking out the No-See-Um screen that will help you stop even the tiniest pests on their track with its effectiveness and convenience. (Related: How Much Do You Really Know About Screen Enclosures?)

Many homeowners use No-See-Ums made from durable mesh and keep the smallest insects outside. For your patio, porch, and pool enclosure needs, you should consider the No See Um Screen to protect your home and improve daytime privacy like never before!

Product Specifications

Think of how great the outdoors would be if you no longer need to worry about pesky insect bites and damage from the bad weather. Here are some of the most popular options in the market today.

  • Available Colors: Charcoal, Silver Gray
  • Widths: 24" to 108" (60.9 cm to 274.3 cm)
  • Roll Length: 25' and 100' (7.62 m and 30.48 m)
  • Individually wrapped in paper or plastic

This No-See-Um screening material from Phifer proves to be a crowd favorite choice today for many patio and pool enclosure projects. Commonly known as the NO-SEE-UMS screen, it is a 20x20 mesh fiberglass screen that is tightly woven to keep small insects out, such as bugs, gnats, sand flies, and more. Though it is densely woven, the screening provides good ventilation and visibility while providing enough daytime privacy.

This fiberglass screening from Phifer is woven from permanent glass yarn coated with a protective vinyl to ensure its long-lasting aesthetic appeal, color, and flexibility. The manufacturing process involves exacting conditions to withstand rigid specifications. Remember that fiberglass is non-combustible and does not corrode, rust, or stain. As such, it's perfect for doors, patios, pools, and windows.

  • Standard Widths: 36" to 132" (91.4 cm to 335.3 cm)
  • Standard Roll Length: 50' and 100' (15.24 m and 30.48 m)
  • Individually wrapped in protective paper

This next No-See-Ums screen from Phifer is also known for being heavy-duty, complete with the adequate protection you need to say goodbye to annoying bug/insect bites.

Nothing ruins relaxing summer days except the presence of pesky insects. Phifer developed a tightly-woven, tuffscreen® solid material to keep out these tiny insects. The tighter the weave, the more daytime and nighttime privacy and protection it offers. This product is also available in multiple widths, suitable for expanded openings.

If any of these apply to you, the TuffScreen® No-See-Um Screening is a great choice:

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  • Your property is located in a hot, humid area where insects are rampant (in the summer or all year round)
  • You want to protect your door, pool, window, or patio enclosure from the tiniest bugs. This screen can be as versatile as you need it to be.
  • If you need durable protection from severe weather conditions, this material can withstand harsh winds and heavy rains.
  • This material is ideal if you want a little extra privacy from your neighbors.
  • A No-See-Um screen is a must-have if you have a regular or retractable system on your pool enclosure, patio, or porch.
  • You want to make a purchase that's been protected for long years. The TuffScreen® No-See-Um screen has a 10-year warranty.
  • You want to purchase a product that is proudly made in the USA.

Benefits of No-See-Ums

No-See-Um screens continue to soar in popularity by the day with their unique properties, primarily designed to keep the smallest insects away effectively. Here are other advantages to consider:

  • No-See-Ums are tightly woven to provide excellent protection against sand flies, gnats, and other small insects.
  • These screens are highly durable and are commonly used in porch, pool cages, and patio enclosures.
  • The finer mesh of No-See-Ums offers good visibility and ventilation, all while providing adequate privacy in the daytime. It is made with internal mitered corners and aluminum frames.

No-See-Um screens' most common color choices are in silver gray and charcoal, with frames in shades of silver, white, champagne, tan, and bronze.

No-See-Um Screen Installation

For its installation, No-See-Um Screens can be easily installed in windows and doors similar to regular aluminum insect screens. However, they offer improved insect control and visibility.

Homeowners considering installing a screen that doubles as a mosquito net in their living areas consider installing a No-See-Um Screen. This has a micro-mesh fabric that effectively keeps even the tiniest pests out. It is commonly used in screen doors, porches, and windows, among other popular applications. The cherry on the top is that the screen is straightforward to install. You will only need to select the right place to install it and the right tool to roll the spline and ensure it is tightly held in the doorway or window.

Additionally, the product is also lightweight. You don't need to worry about damaging the frame as you install it.

Final Thoughts

When the weather begins to heat up, it's only natural to enjoy more time outdoors, such as lounging on your patio, porch, or pool. But, this can be rather irritating with tiny insects bothering your well-deserved "ME-time."

Consider installing No-See-Um screens to protect yourself against the tiniest pests. Although it is a densely woven mesh, it provides good ventilation, visibility, and sufficient daytime privacy. Enjoy fun in the sun without the nuisances of bugs and debris. So if you're thinking about installing a brand new screen for your porch, patio, or even your pool enclosure— consider No-See-Ums to protect your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having a screen enclosure?

Screen enclosure serves as the first line of depends for children and pets. No barrier can take any adult supervision's place, but it can be considered a safety barrier. It keeps out leaves, grass, and other yard waste. Under the protection of a screen enclosure, your porch or pool will stay cleaner. Also, bugs are kept out by using screen enclosures. Bugs may ruin a pleasant day or night. You may enjoy the outdoors while keeping the bugs at bay with a screen enclosure. Look for tighter weaves to prevent even the tiniest inspections from interrupting your fun.

If I replace my insect screens with new screening products, what spline size should I use?

If you don't have a sample of your old spline to match the size, the spline size is determined by the product you'll use and the screen frame's spline groove. Measure across the screen frame's spline channel or groove.

How long does installation take?

Installation may last anywhere from 3 days to 8 weeks, depending on the project's scope. Repairs, porch fill-ins, and other items that do not require a permit can be completed as soon as the next business day but typically within one week. Permitting and engineering jobs can take anywhere from 5 to 8 weeks. The construction and installation of your task usually take less than a week after we receive your building department's permission; the remaining time is due to engineering and building department wait times.

Is there any maintenance we should do in our screen room?

Pressure washing the aluminum will surely keep your screen enclosure clean. In addition, you have to replace any rusty screens. Ensure that every bracing is in good condition and the cables are tight to make them function. Regularly check the door latches and closers to ensure that they are working well.

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