How to Maximize the ROI of Your Landscaping Project

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When making business-savvy changes to your home, landscaping projects are an excellent way to increase market value. The exterior planning of a property can significantly impact the desirability of your property. Landscaping can maximize return on investment (ROI) if well thought out and managed.

Small changes have a significant impact on maximizing landscaping project ROI. Landscaping does not necessarily need to involve substantial alterations; instead, you can increase your home's value by focusing on ease of living and appearance. Curb appeal is a significant factor in desirability.

We will look at some simple steps to maximize your ROI on your landscaping project. You will see that just a few minor upgrades, which don't take much, can lead to high-value returns and vastly improve your home, not only for yourself but especially when you start looking at resale.

Maximizing the ROI of Landscaping Project

When looking at landscaping projects and ROI, it is essential to remember that practicality will always trump complexity. Not only are more complex landscaping projects more costly, but they can also be off-putting to prospective buyers as they can mean high maintenance and expensive upkeep.

We all want to live in a space that is aesthetically pleasing but low maintenance, and the following steps will help you maximize the ROI of your landscaping project but also the full potential of your home.

The home's exterior is the first and last thing buyers will see, and well-thought-out landscaping does increase the value of a home by at least 7%, so it does make sense to spend a bit as you reap the rewards when selling your home.

Keep the project simple and practical.

No one wants to spend their free time doing yard maintenance, so keep things as simple and practical as possible when planning your yard. More garden paths and beds can mean a ton of additional work. Keep your social area close to the house for ease of use and maintenance.

Garden beds should be simple and few, minimizing the work needed while allowing variety and color. Potted plants are a great alternative as these can be moved about and don't require trimmed verges.

Choose perennial plants that won't need to be replaced or frequently trimmed.

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Focus on the functionality of your yard.

Landscaping needs to be about functionality. What will you be using your yard for? Is the home situated near schools? If you are looking to get a good ROI, always consider the area you are located in and how that will affect what prospective buyers may be looking for.

When designing a landscape for a home near a school, open lawn spaces and minimal thorn trees will immediately increase the appeal of your home.

Creating comfortable outdoor spaces falls into functionality; your yard should be designed for outdoor use where children can play or where you can get in a quick outdoor workout. Social activities should also be considered, and if you enjoy entertaining, an outdoor entertainment area will only cost a little but provide ample ROI.

Consult a professional landscaper.

Unless you know you have great design concepts and style, where possible, consult a professional. Landscaping can provide ROI but can also devalue your home if it's not done correctly. Smaller garden projects can be DIY, but larger projects like patios and fire pits should be constructed with the advice and expertise of professionals as they will know what will work. (Related: 8 Reasons Why Savvy Homeowners Hire An Exterior Design Service)

Keep verges trimmed and lawn mown.

A well-manicured lawn is necessary for the overall aesthetic of a home. Mown lawns and trimmed verges immediately give a feeling of order and care. Prospective buyers are more likely to contemplate higher prices on a visually pleasing property as this generally means the property has been well maintained.

Fortunately, maintaining a lawn and verge is not a difficult job, and just that tiny amount of effort can provide a great ROI.

Plant trees.

The selling power of a good tree is highly undervalued. A large tree planted in a well-thought-out yard area can substantially increase a property.

Not only do trees improve the aesthetic, but they can also up your property's value by as much as 15%. And you will be doing the environment a big favor, so it's a win. (Related: 12 Native Florida Trees For Eco-friendly Landscaping)

Install a sprinkler system.

This may seem costly, but it will give you significant ROI. Sprinkler systems significantly reduce the work involved in maintaining a green yard. Besides making life easier, they also make it greener, which is essential for a pleasing outdoor space.

Curb appeal will be directly linked to how green your yard is; no one will want to invest in a dusty dead yard.

Install landscape lighting.

Lighting has several purposes. Firstly, well-placed lights can be pleasing to look at while being functional in providing light for outdoor evening entertaining. Landscape lighting also serves to provide additional security and safety to your home.

The expected ROI on landscape lighting is just under 60% which is high.

Add a paver walkway.

An effortless but highly effective upgrade is a paved walkway. A walkway gives off a well-maintained and cared-for look to the fa├žade of a house.

Walkways are more welcoming and can provide up to 80% ROI, depending on what sort of pavers you decide to use. We recommend opting for a level and simple walkway; undulating or meandering designs are more challenging to maintain and can look untidy.

Build a fire pit and patio.

Patios are a fantastic addition to any landscape and offer the perfect outdoor living space for socializing and enjoying time outdoors. Fire pits are another great feature that has grown in popularity in recent years. (Related: 12 Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas & Inspiration)

In many cases, designers include the fire pit in the patio design, providing a great outdoor space for warm and cool months. The ROI of a patio and fire pit can be anything from 60% to 80% depending on how much you do yourself.

Final Thoughts

While not all landscaping is equal, keeping to simple upgrades that improve your yard's overall aesthetic and functionality will always help to provide maximum ROI for your landscaping project. A neat and well-maintained home can fetch close to 10% more on the housing market than one without landscaping.

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