How to Fix Gutters Pulling Away From The House

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It’s just after a large storm rolled through where you head outside and notice that your gutters are sitting a little funny. You realize that your gutters may be holding excess weight that is causing your gutters to sag and pulls away from your house. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know on how to fix gutters pulling away from your house!

Sagging gutters is one thing but, having them not attached to your home is serious. Getting onto a ladder to clean out, and fix the gutters is not a fun chore for anyone, but in some cases, it is something you have to do.

It can quickly cause a panic where you rush to the internet to see how you can fix this. Pounding the gutters back into place is a temporary fix that is used by many homeowners.

However, there are many solutions for fixing your gutters from pulling away from your house. (Related article: How to Fix a Sagging Gutter Like a Pro)

Why Gutters Start to Pull Away from the House

One of the main reasons you can find gutters starting to pull away is incorrect installation. Knowing if your gutters were installed correctly, is important for determining if putting them back is a good option.

The contractor who previously installed the gutters should have made sure that the fascia was in good condition before installing them however, it’s not always the case. If the fascia is in bad condition, you will need to replace it before installing new gutters.

How to identify if your gutters were installed incorrectly:

  • Faulty Pitch. This is the angle that your gutters were installed at and if they are installed poorly, the water does not have a way to flow out of the downspout.
  • Downspout Placement. If downspouts are not installed properly, they can cause water to pool.
  • Defective Hangers. Hangers are the main component that keeps the gutters attached to your house. If it is not installed correctly, it can cause the gutters to become heavy and sag. You will also want to be sure that the spaces between the hangers are not too far apart. This can lead to sagging which will cause the holes in the fascia to become loose and then become the reason for the gutters to pull away from the house. Most of the time you can see where another hanger is needed by using the three-foot rule of thumb. If there are hangers farther than this distance, you should consider adding another one in the middle to be on the safe side.

Gutters also go through extreme weather conditions that can damage them. Trees and animals can also cause damage that you might not be able to see until you are at eye level with it. The best way to prevent your gutters from getting damaged is to keep up with inspections, regular cleanings, and maintenance.

Even if you take preventive measure, your gutters could still pull away from the house. But how do you fix this issue? As stated earlier, you can pound them back into place however, this is only a temporary fix and the fascia holes can become larger with the constant pulling from the gutters.

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In the case that this is your first time dealing with your gutters, you can call a pro. They will be able to do a full inspection and properly fix your gutters from the start. Hiring a pro can sound expensive but it doesn’t have to be as they can get discounts on the correct tools for the job and fix the gutters professionally, saving you money in the long run. Most pros are heavily against trying to do it yourself as it could cause more problems in the future.

How to Fix Gutters Pulling Away from the House

If you want to take the do-it-yourself route, you will want to research what tools and materials you will need to get your gutters back where they belong.

1. Inspect the Gutters.

Get up onto a ladder, carefully note where the gutter is pulling away from the house, and note what is around those gutters.

You will want to make sure there are no leaves, an animal, branches, etc. in the gutters themselves. This could be the reason your gutters are pulling away, to begin with.

2. Remove the Sections in need of Repair.

If you see other moldy and old sections, you may want to consider replacing those sections as well. Once you remove the sections of gutters, inspect the fascia to see if it needs repair or replacement.

One of the most important parts of repairing your gutters is the brackets. The brackets are what holds the gutters to the fascia however, when replacing them, create new holes versus using the existing ones so they don’t become larger. It is also best to cover the old holes with caulk.

3. Make sure the Hangers are in Good Condition.

These are extremely important for holding your gutters in shape. If they are loose or bent, you will want to replace them immediately.

There is always the option to replace your entire gutter system where you can choose the type of gutter that would work best for your house however, that could get expensive quickly and there is always the chance that it would be installed incorrectly. It would also take a while to install if you have a large house. You will also want to be sure to install protective measures, like screens, to try to prevent future gutter fixes.

Cost to Repair Your Gutters and Reattach them to the House

Having to hire a professional can run you a few thousand dollars whereas doing it yourself might run you close to one thousand dollars but, it is all about the risk you are willing to take, and the overall work you are willing to do.

If you are savvy and want to tackle fixing your gutters by yourself, it is very doable and there is plenty of online tutorials on how to fix your gutters and reattach them to the house. Please do be careful working on a ladder!

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you spot your gutters starting to pull away from your house, the best plan of action is to get it taken care of right away to avoid further damage to the fascia or the gutters themselves.

It would be a good idea to hire a pro for these issues. However, if you are handy, you might be able to save a few bucks and do it yourself.

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