How To Extend Your Outdoor Living Space Outdoors

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Do you want to extend your outdoor area? Is there not enough space in your patio for more chairs, decorations, and other furniture?

I've found this cool project on how you can make your outdoor living bigger without having to deal with room extensions and other large construction projects. Check out how Gulf Coast Aluminum was able to give this home more outdoor space. Originally, it was a tiny lanai area that looked like this:

Not only was it small, but it was also open so the homeowners had to deal with bugs and couldn't spend time outdoors when it's raining or too sunny. So they decided that they wanted an enclosed space and got a screened-in porch.

They contacted this extremely reliable company, received an estimate, and immediately placed a deposit. Within weeks, the company was able to apply and obtain the necessary permits, draft engineering plans for the structure, and start construction.

If you're worried that this type of structure would be flimsy, reliable contractors, like Gulf Coast Aluminum, will use the best materials to ensure the longevity and structural integrity of the enclosure.

In addition, they even used a Clearview configuration for maximum and unobstructed viewing and a kick plate for the safety of pets and the enclosure from these animals.

With the new screen enclosure, the homeowners have more space for entertaining and enjoying the fresh air. To make it look better, they improved the interior with some lanai furniture and laid down wood-inspired flooring.

Gulf Coast Aluminum is an established business with a great reputation for quality, and a physical presence. They are a state licensed contractor in good standing with the community, google reviews, and the Better Business Bureau.

Do you want to get your project featured? Send us the details and we'll make a blog post about it!

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