Best Zero Turn Mowers By Price Point ($2000, $3000, & $4000)

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Regular riding mowers carries a steering wheel that gives you the driveshaft’s control, allowing you to maneuver the machine as if you’re driving a tractor.

However, these heavy-duty machines have a disadvantage, they have a poor turning radius that makes it difficult to get into tighter portions of your lawn.

Zero Turn Mowers are superior to riding mowers in every aspect, including speed, power, and maneuverability. These mowers do not have a steering wheel, but instead features two levers situated on both sides of the seat, enabling you to freely pivot at 180 degrees.

While a zero-turn mower is an expensive investment for any landscaper, but it does get the job done without a hitch.

We took the time to review over 30 products to narrow it down to the best zero turn mower for large estates. Make your pick – we’ve categorized our picks in every budget possible, so you can find the right zero turn mower for you.

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Best Zero Turn Mower for $2000

While we do have other budget-friendly options, the Simplicity 2691318 23HP allows you to save a few hundred dollars more. Despite it being on the cheaper spectrum on the list, it can fight a close battle with our $3000 options.

Simplicity delivers a nifty suspension comfort System for its 2691318 models. The front and rear suspension enable the operator to experience 25% less impact whilst mowing.

We’ve tried non-suspended mowers previously and the fatigue does add up over time, especially when mowing larger lawns for longer periods. However, its effectiveness depends on the grass or yard conditions, so take that in mind.

Another thing that makes Simplicity 2691318 a reliable zero turn mower for long-term use is its ergonomic seat, it makes the ride more comfortable for the user, the mesh helps in keeping you cool as well.

This sports a fully-welded steel frame for durability and the utility cargo bed can carry up to fifty pounds around your lawn. You can load up your gardening materials or fertilizer in the cargo with no problem.

What’s more, you can adjust the height cut positions in thirteen different positions, going from 1.5 to 4.5 inches to meet your convenience. This is an easy to maneuver, zero turn mower that does not break the bank.


  • Bang for your buck purchase
  • Comfy hand grips and ergonomic seat
  • Fast and reliable engine
  • Easy-to-reach controls


  • Struggles on slopes and hills
  • Users report it occasionally misses on center grass stripes

Best Zero Turn Mower for $3000

Aside from the fact you can buy a model at $3000, Snapper 2691319 is more than just an affordable zero turn mower. It sports a sturdy and heavy-duty 23-hp Briggs & Stratton motor, which gives you enough power to cut wet glass on an incline.

What’s more, this boasts a convenient ReadyStart technology that enables the machine to get up and running within a few seconds, which is a nifty feature for landscapers on a time crunch. In comparison to other brands within the same price range, Snapper is faster by 10-30 seconds, a noteworthy feature.

Props to Snapper for thinking about user comfort with its adjustable levers that considerably reduces fatigue. Partnered with comfy grips, it helps in lessening hand fatigue, meaning you can mow for longer.

Its seat is padded for ergonomic purposes, it supports your lower and middle back which prevents back pain from occurring. The seat does a good job at dampening vibrations as well, making the experience more comfortable for users.

For convenience, you can find additional controls on both sides of the seat, it sits at the top of the machine’s wheel arches.

The equipment’s 48-inch cutting deck makes it suitable for lawns as big as 2.5 acres, a reasonable purchase for landscapers with spacious estates.

Use the machine’s foot pedal to operate its cutting deck lift, you can find a drop-in pin system to keep it together. We like the fact that the pin is reachable for the operator, regardless of the user’s height, so there’s no need to dismount.

Another neat feature that makes this model stand out is its rear load bay, it allows you to carry gardening supplies, such as your compost and garden fork, for convenience. Its load bay has handles, which allows you to move the machine as you please.

Snapper added a crash plate that works to protect the machine’s rear-mounted engine, preventing bumps and scratches when you accidentally back into a wall.


  • Easy-to-reach controls
  • 10-year warranty
  • Ergonomic seat and levers
  • Rear load bay for supplies


  • Some users experience carburetor troubles

One of the things that make Husqvarna a cut above its competitors is the machine’s Kawasaki engine, one of the world’s leading brands in the business. This gives the operator a good start-up and delivers a max speed at 6.5 mph, faster than other models within the same price range.

It delivers a hydrostatic transmission, making maintenance easier for landscapers. This makes it possible for the machine to cut in a variety of conditions. As a plus, this comes with a limited 3-year warranty.

Husqvarna Z248F’s size sits in the middle as it’s between 42 and 54 inches, giving you the best of both worlds. The width is ideal for cutting large yards without taking too much room.

The ClearCut deck feature, gives you a clean, 48-inch cut due to the equipment’s deep deck design. Husqvarna’s high-performance blades get the job done without a hiccup and it remains sharp for a long period as well.

Similar to Snapper 2691319, it carries a well-padded seat that provides comfort, making it ideal for long-term use. This sports an ergonomic control panel for ease-of-use. The operator’s feet sit securely on the anti-slip foot space for safety.

The clippings are dischargeable with a nine-bushel triple bag collection system. The accessories (mulching kit and bagger attachment) does not come with the purchase.

It does struggle with hills and slopes. However, that’s a common challenge for most zero-turn mowers, so it’s not a deal-breaker. You can expect Husqvarna Z248F to do exceptional work on flat lawns though.


  • Superior Kawasaki engine
  • 23 horsepower for heavy-duty work
  • Clean cut system with its deep deck design
  • User-friendly control panel


  • Struggles on slopes and hills
  • Users report it occasionally misses on center grass stripes

Ariens 52-Inch Ikon X and Husqvarna Z248F are two superior models at a competitive price range, but that’s not the only thing they have in common, they both also use Kawasaki engine for power.

The machine delivers a fast startup and provides power to mow acres of land in one go. If you own a fairly large estate that deals with minor mowing obstacles, such as rocks, flower beds, and trees, Ariens 52-Inch Ikon X is a reliable mower that gets the job done.

Its suave Hydrogear EZT transmission ensures a smooth mowing operation, especially when you’re cutting grass on land that extends up to 4 acres. The 52-inch fabricated steel deck allows the machine to cut cleanly in various conditions.

The equipment’s gigantic air-filled tires offer several grips at the rear while the front casters ensure you’re on track. Like our Z248F, the levers are positioned in front of the seat, making it easy to reach for the operator. Also, you can adjust the bars to your liking without leaving the comforts of your seat.

At the topmost of the wheel arches, you can find the controls on both sides of the seat. Going to the right, underneath the edge of your seat, you can adjust the cutting deck’s height.

Dump your gardening tools and compost at the rear load bay for convenience. The 52-Inch Ikon X gives you enough legroom space while operating. What’s more, its traction pad prevents slip-ups from happening, especially during the rainy season.


  • Bang for your buck purchase
  • Comfy hand grips and ergonomic seat
  • Fast and reliable engine
  • Easy-to-reach controls


  • No headlights
  • The short wheelbase makes climbing challenging

Best Zero Turn Mower for $4000

Husqvarna MZ61

We have another Husqvarna product on our list, but this time it’s arguably one of the best models in the market in terms of functionality, price, and durability.

MZ61 is the go-to option for landscapers and business owners alike due to its sturdy design and capacity.

The previous models are powered by Kawasaki, which is already impressive as it stands, but Husqvarna switched it up by using Briggs & Stratton motor for MZ61. It provides an impressive 27-HP to the machine’s hydrostatic drive for power and superiority.

A regular zero-turn mower, like the Husqvarna Z248F and Snapper 2691319 that both sport a 48-inch cutting deck, can cut a 2.5-acre yard with no problem.

However, Husqvarna MZ61 stands above the rest with its 61-inch cutting deck. It’s capable of cutting a 5-acre lawn with ease, twice as much as our two previous top picks.

To keep the machine cool throughout the hours of usage, it carries an induction-cooled motor and large fan. The machine remains cool during and post-operation use.

While it’s a 61-inch cutting deck, Husqvarna retains its mid-range position similar to Z248F for fast and effective turns. Also, the package comes with two smart add-ons: a 9-bushel and triple collection bag where you can place your trimmings and fertilizer pile.

Husqvarna kept the setup control feature of Z254 as the MZ61 sports the same long levers situated conveniently at the front for swift movement. You can find the cutting height on the right for accessibility.

Comfy handgrips to reduce user fatigue when mowing for long periods, the padded seat lessens vibration, so the operator does not have to shift uncomfortably whilst mowing. Unlike other Husqvarna models, the armrests are padded as well.

The hour-meter is one of the machine’s notable features, the user receives a notification when it needs maintenance or service, so you can take away guesswork out of the equation. Lift your seat to access its engine bay for servicing.

Taking safety seriously, the makers added a secure seatbelt to strap yourself in when mowing. Husqvarna MZ61 is capable of climbing hills and cutting down wet grass better than most zero-turn mowers today.


  • Superior 27-hp Briggs & Stratton motor
  • 61-inch cutting deck
  • 5-gallon fuel capacity for longer sessions
  • Heavy-duty build for big estates


  • Unnecessary for smaller estates to use

Honorable Mention

After contemplating whether or not adding Z-BEAST 62ZBBM15 onto our “best list”, we decided to make it as our honorable mention. Right off the bat, its design is crafted for commercial use, such as golf courses and sports fields.

It’s rated as a commercial-grade zero turn mower and has found a home in various businesses in high acreage lands. This is one of the mowers you can rely on to cut grass on bumpy areas and it can cut over five acres of land with little to no problems.

While the Husqvarna MZ61 is our overall top pick, we find it impressive that 62ZBBM15 is capable of holding 7.5 gallons of gas, which is over 2 gallons more than MZ61.

This also comes with safety features, like the machine’s roll cage and a secure seat belt. It keeps the user safe when mowing over hills, dips, and bumps in commercial areas.

Its power engine dominates competitors at 12 mph – yup, it’s almost twice as fast as the average zero turn mower. Its high-powered engine is the main reason why it’s the most favorable option for the biggest businesses in the industry.

You can count on the machine’s three large blades situated beneath the 62-inch deck, it leaves you with wide grass stripes in one swift movement.

The reason why this beast of a zero-turn mower didn’t secure a place in our top picks is because of its faulty hydro, it tends to leak, so regular maintenance and check-up are advised.


  • Fast 12 mph powered engine
  • 7.5 gallons of gas capacity
  • 25 horsepower engine
  • Cuts clean with 3 large blades


  • Some operators experience a faulty hydro leak

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