Are Solar Panels Worth It in Texas?

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Almost everything in the 21st century relies on electricity; without it, the world will come to a standstill. Engineers and scientists are tirelessly working to meet global energy needs, with solar panels being the most viable solution available today. Texas struggles to keep up with the energy demand, forcing many residents to wonder if solar panels are worth it.

Texas is the second-best state in the U.S. to use solar panels. The state provides rebates for new installations, net metering benefits, and a 26% tax incentive from the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Ideal weather, cost reduction, and increased home value are reasons solar is worth having in Texas.

You must consider installing panels for many reasons, but not every state in America provides the ideal environment to benefit from it. The Jumbo State has everything necessary to generate energy from the sun, and the government provides several incentives for those who install solar panels.

Is Solar Worth it for Your Texas Home?

There are various factors to consider before you invest in solar panels. Many homes in the U.S. use these systems, with some states showing better results than others. Optimal sun is the most important factor, and the direction of your roof and how many sunny days you get are essential.

The Lone Star State is ranked second in the U.S. for solar panel usage due to its high levels of sunshine, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). Installing panels has several benefits, including rebates, net metering programs, and financing options.

The state has an above-average number of peak sun hours and perfect geography, which makes it ideal for solar energy. Many residents and businesses consider installing panels to enjoy all its benefits, and various companies recognize the rapid growth. Besides rebates and tax incentives, new clients also find that companies provide affordable solar packages.

Advantages of Adding Solar Panels to Your Texas Home

It has become clear to Texans that the state's power grid is taking strain, and everyone must do what they can to ensure that they have electricity. Most of the food we use daily relies on a refrigerator to stay fresh, not to mention the lights we need at night for security, which use electricity.

Solar panels are the best electricity alternative, and here are four ways Texas residents can benefit from them.

Cost Reduction

The average home in Texas uses about $226 of electricity per month, and eliminating or reducing it with solar energy can save thousands of dollars in the long run. Most of these systems pay for themselves within a few years, especially if you install one that eliminates your electricity bill. Those who do not have the money to install a large system still benefit from reduced electricity with a small system.

Fewer Power Outages

Suddenly, having the electricity gone is a familiar experience for Texas residents due to the state's poor power grid. High temperatures cause power outages, leaving many people in the dark for hours and sometimes days, except those who invested in a solar system.


Saving the planet is a big deal for Texans, and they constantly try to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Solar panels are a great way to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and combat climate change.

Increased Home Value

According to the American tech real-estate marketplace company Zillow, Texas homes are worth more with a system than without. Homes in the Lone Star State with solar show a value increase of about 4.1%, translating into about $12,462.

Reasons why Texas is a Solar-friendly State

Solar power systems are increasing worldwide, with the supply and demand of electricity growing due to population growth and new houses being built by the millions. Sunlight is the driving power and the one element Texas has in abundance, making it an ideal option.

Solar energy is extremely popular in Texas, and thousands of homeowners enjoy low energy bills and other benefits. Not every state in America benefits from sun energy as much as the Lone Star State. Solar panels are worth having in Texas for various reasons, and here are the four main reasons why.

Weather and Climate

As mentioned, these systems rely on sunlight, and the sunnier your days, the more you will benefit from this technology and energy provider. The state of Texas has 204 sunny days each year, which makes it ideal to invest in this low-cost energy source.

If you wonder about the other 159 days in Texas that do not produce full sunny days, you must know that solar even generates power, although reduced, in cloudy weather. The Lone Star State is known for its strong winds and extreme weather conditions, and the panels are designed to withstand harsh weather.

Tax Incentives

The U.S. is speeding towards energy independence and promoting green energy through tax incentives for homes that install these systems. The federal solar installation incentive, the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), gives homeowners 26% credit for their installation costs.

Texas residents enjoy various tax benefits from the installations, and the state's energy independence is growing rapidly, with thousands of homes converting to this new energy source.

Solar Panel Rebates

Some local governments devised a solar panel rebate incentive to encourage Texan residents to invest in these systems. Oncor and CPS in Texas give rebates to housing solar panel projects, and Austin Energy is another example that offers $2,500.

Net Metering

Although most of the Lone Star State's year is filled with sunny days perfect for solar energy systems, there are a few cloudy days which produce less power. Net metering is an accumulating system where those who generate more power than what they use are credited for it on the electricity bill. Net metering is a savings plan for electricity you can access during those dark days.

Final Thoughts

Many residents in Texas benefit from solar panels and their ability to generate power when the power grid fails and to reduce their electricity bill.

The state government provides incentives to homeowners via rebates, net metering, and tax benefits if they install a system. Green energy is often frowned upon but not by the Lone Star State's residents, who enjoy all the benefits it provides. (Related article: Is Solar Worth it For Your Home in Texas? (2023 Homeowner’s Guide))

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