50 Water Garden Design Inspirations For Your Home

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After making your lawn look green and manicured, it's time to add some features. You may already have installed outdoor shade structures such as pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions - now, it's time for something different.

When decorating a yard, we usually buy furniture and get some plants, but something else that you can add is a water feature.

Ponds, waterfalls, fountains, birdbaths, and other water garden structures can help bring more life to your outdoor area. They also make it look more serene and sparkly with the reflection of the light from the sun, moon, or patio lights on the water.

Doesn't it also feel relaxing to hear the peaceful trickle of water, the splash from moving fishes (if there's any), or the chirping of birds that were lured in by these water features? Sometimes, they can even attract insects that are beneficial to your lawn.

The great thing about them is you can add them to different types of outdoor areas, big or small. The hard part is finding the perfect water feature design you want for your home. To help you out, here are some beautiful water garden design ideas you can check out:

1. Rectangular Pond with Cut Stone Edging

If you have space, you can add a simple pond like this one near the edge of your lawn. Use a stone border to make it look more natural than using materials not commonly found in nature.

2. Terra Cotta Fountain

Check out this fountain made out of terra cotta pots. Just add some pebbles and a decorative figurine like the owl, and you have a simple and inexpensive fountain.

(Source: List Kampus)

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3. Stone Waterfall

It looks like it was customized, but this is a waterfall kit that can be installed in your yard. You can DIY this project or get a professional to do it.

4. Bamboo Waterfall

Here's a unique-looking waterfall. It feels as if you're in a jungle with bamboo elements and the trickling water. Use wooden posts and surround them with plants for the complete effect.

(Source: DIY Network)

5. Pondless Fountain

Worried about ponds becoming a breeding ground for insects such as mosquitoes? Try this pond-less water feature, which doesn't have standing water at the bottom.

6. Bubbler Fountain In A Pot

Bubbler fountains can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. You can create your own bubble fountain using some waterproof pots, submersible pump, rocks, and other easy-to-obtain materials.

7. Private Oasis

The spot near this pond is probably a relaxing place to hang out with friends and family. You can hear the trickling of water and have a view of this water feature.

(Source: Design Rulz)

8. Simple Water Feature

Watch the video to see a beautiful yet simple water feature you can install in small or big yards. It looks as if you had it customized or a professional had installed it.

9. Metal Fountain

Durable and aesthetic, this is an unusual-looking fountain that can be installed by the walls or edges. If it's too grey, add some gravel and plants for some accent color.

10. Volute Water Feature

Your guests would probably stop and stare at this fountain. At first glance, it looks like a table or some glass sculpture, but it's water! Doesn't it look mesmerizing?

11. Pond In A Pot

If you have a small yard, you can still have a pond - a pond in a pot! Even if it's not huge or extravagant, a well-decorated pot like this will make a great water feature.

(Source: HGTV)

12. Mini Bubbler

You can also go for a small bubbler fountain just like this one. With some rocks and greenery, it wouldn't look plain and simple.

(Source: Backyard Boss)

13. Huge Vase Fountain

Another fountain that looks store-bought but is actually a fountain kit. It's a huge vase design with surrounding gravel at the bottom. It looks great and would work with most yards.

14. Waterway With Cascade

This water feature looks like a tiny river! You can place a plank so that you can comfortably pass through it, even if you can easily step over it. The cascade design also makes it move as if the water is flowing.

(Source: Exteriroscapes)

15. Urn Fountain

This is a simple bubbling fountain that can fit in most yards. Place it near plants and surround it with gravel - then it becomes an aesthetically-pleasing addition to your lawn.

16. Small Pond

With some decorative rocks, a small pond can improve your home's exterior design. Make sure to add some lily pads and other water plants for some nice color.

(Source: Lush Home)

17. Part Of A Deck

You can place a pond by the deck, but what about in it? Part of the deck was turned into a water feature, and unlike the usual rectangular pond, the curve edges made it look even better!

(Source: Inside Exterior)

18. Wide Pot Water Feature

Another simple water feature that can fit even in a small yard, this fountain is simple yet looks great! Watch the video to see how you can install a water feature like this one.

19. Narrow Stone Waterfall With Pond

If you have space, combine a waterfall and a small pond so you can have a water feature similar to this one. The stacked design makes it look more complex, allowing the water to cascade to the pond.

20. Outdoor Water Wall

Here's a cool looking water feature! This water wall will probably make your guests stare, wondering whether that's just textured glass or water.

21. Waterfall With Pond

Mix modern and rustic with a waterfall and pond wedged between a wooden deck. The steel look and brown finish make the color of the fishes or plants pop out.

22. Solar Plant Pot Water Fountain

Using a solar-powered pump, your water fountain can work standalone. The only problem is when you have cloudy days or during the evening. So if you don't mind it not working at night, then go for it.

23. Pondless Waterfall

For those who have a large yard, you can try out this pondless waterfall. You'll be using boulders, that's why you'll need space, even if you won't be installing a pond.

24. Planter On A Fountain

Here's a gorgeous fountain you may want to add to your home. It has a planter of flowers on top, adding color to the beautiful water feature.

25. Birdbath Outdoor Fountain

Add a water feature and attract some birds by getting a birdbath. This one uses solar-on-demand technology, so the battery gets charged. This way, you can use it during cloudy days or in the evening.

26. Garden Pond and Deck

Doesn't this look like a relaxing spot to hang out? Build a deck and a pond, and place a nearby bench so you can read a book, chat with a friend, or just listen to the sounds of nature.

(Source: Family Handyman)

27. Rock and Bamboo Feeder Fountain

This water feature will make your outdoor area look like a zen garden. If this was a video, we would probably see the rustling of the plants and the trickle of the water.

28. Stone Fountain

If you're not a fan of ponds, here's another pondless fountain you can check out. There are so many stone elements that it doesn't even seem like a water feature anymore — but it is!

29. Log Stump Fountain

Who knew you could turn a log stump into a fountain? This is a unique-looking water feature that would be a great addition to your home. Just make sure that your guests won't accidentally sit on it.

(Source: Epic Ideas)

30. Fish Elevator With A Jar

Do you want to make your pond look more interesting? Add a fish elevator with a jar! Let the fishes pop our of the surface by using an upside-down jar - just like the one below.

(Source: 1001 Gardens)

31. Corner Waterfall With A Pond

If you want a water feature that doesn't take up much space, you can install a waterfall with a pond in one corner. Just like the one below - instead of filling it with one more paved block, they used a water feature.

(Source: Huettl Design)

32. Tea Pot Fountain

Doesn't this fountain look cool? This is a unique water feature that would look great in most yards. Surround it with flowers and plants to make it look more beautiful.

(Source: Home Talk)

33. Wall Waterfall

Here's a nice water feature you may want to add to your home. It doesn't take up much space, and it looks cool! Place some greenery beside it to make it look like a small waterfall.

34. Fountain Screen

Not only will you have a beautiful water feature, but you can also add privacy to your backyard. This fountain screen looks unique and can be used as a partition, defining the spaces in your yard.

(Source: Pinterest)

35. Pondable Garden Table

Check out this table! It has a pond inside, which is something you won't see in most yards. If you want to try this design, make sure that to keep the pond clean so that it won't become gross.

(Source: Elite Choice)

36. Modern Stainless Steel Sphere Water Feature

Is it a fountain or a ball statue? It's both! Check out this steel sphere water feature. Plant beautiful flowers around it and the ball will reflect these plants.

37. Solar Fountain With Pond Water Plants

Doesn't this fountain look lovely? It's a bucket fountain filled with pond water plants, and it also runs using solar power! You can easily place it anywhere and would fit in most yards.

38. Rain Curtain Water Feature

Here's a gorgeous water feature! It's a rain curtain, which you can use standalone or place near a wall so that it doesn't take up much space.

39. Pond By The Fireplace

You can squeeze in a pond near your outdoor area — similar to this one. It doesn't even have to be a complete rectangle, you can also attach it at the edge.

40. Copper Water Wall

Do you want a simple water feature? You can try installing a water wall. You can place it in one corner or along a pathway. This is a nice decoration that will add life to your yard.

(Source: DIY Network)

41. Container Pond In A Stock Tank

Similar to an aboveground pool, you can also have an aboveground pond. This is a pond in a stock tank, which brings it above the surface. You can choose a different container if you want a smaller pond.

(Source: Penick)

42. Fire Pit Fountain

It's a fire pit and fountain in one! Here's one of the most unique-looking fountains you'll ever see. Fire and water, two opposite elements in one decoration.

43. Bubbling Boulder

Another element you can mix with water is fire. This is a bubbling fountain in a boulder! Add some pebbles around to make the entire space more aesthetic.

44. Bamboo Water Feature

An elegant water feature that produces that relaxing trickling noise. This bamboo water feature would fit in most yards and would look great if you want that zen garden look.

(Source: Saf Affect)

45. Tiered Water Fountain

It looks store-bought but this is a simple yet beautiful water fountain you can DIY. With some PVC pots, you can build a water feature like this one! the neutral colors will allow it to match with your outdoor theme if you have any.

(Source: Addicted 2 DIY)

46. Water Feature With Watering Cans

Do you have steps in your yard? You can try this watering can water feature. It looks unique which would probably make your guests whip out their phones and take a photo.

47. Floating Bottle Fountain

Do you love wine? If you have empty wine bottles, you can use it for your fountain. Not only will you be decorating your yard, but you will be recycling - doing your part for the environment.

(Source: Etsy)

48. Outdoor Zen Garden Water Fountain

With a base, a ball, and a pump, you can also build a beautiful zen garden water fountain. This is a simple yet aesthetically-pleasing water feature that will make your yard look more serene.

49. Recirculating Fountain

If you have a bland space in your yard or by the porch, you can make it look better by adding a simple recirculating fountain. It's a single ceramic pot turned into a water feature.

50. Concrete Fountain

Whether you have a small or big yard, you can try installing a concrete fountain. There's even a small pond at the bottom, which you can place a few water plants inside.

(Source: Family Handyman)

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