50 Murphy Bar Designs For Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

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For those who love to spend time in their backyard, an outdoor bar is a great addition that will make it easier to host parties, entertain, or even just to relax in your outdoor area. Imagine the convenience of not having to go back and forth indoors if you need drinks, snacks, and other items.

Unfortunately, small yards or those with limited space may have a difficult time finding the right spot to install one.

Fortunately, there is an alternative design that won't too much space, and it is called the murphy bar. This is a fold-down bar that is mounted to a wall, so it only utilizes the vertical space when not in use. You just need to unfold it, and the cover can be used as a table. Grab some chairs, and you now have an outdoor bar area.

There are different sizes and styles of murphy bars. Here are some design ideas to help you create a functional entertainment area in your backyard.

1. Cedar murphy bar

Check out this cedar murphy bar. Besides being able to turn the cover into a table, there is an extra piece that can be used as a stand. Take out the seats from storage so you can start the party!

(Source: Hunker)

2. Fold-down murphy bar

Some murphy bars don't have a stand, just like this fold-down murphy bar. You can just convert the cover into a table; and with those chain links, it will be durable.

3. Blue and white accent

Instead of going for a plain color, you can get creative and make the murphy bar two-tone. This one is the complete package; it has a stand and a cover, which even has a glass panel in the middle for decoration.

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4. Rustic barn door wooden murphy bar

For a clean and simple look, you may want to try this rustic barn door wooden murphy bar. It has a sleek design that would work will most home exterior designs.

(Source: Etsy)

5. Drop-down white murphy bar

Here is another simple and clean design with a white finish. But when you open this drop-down murphy bar, it will reveal beautiful brown color.

(Source: AnaWhite)

6. Pallet murphy bar with planters on top

Give an old pallet new life by turning it into a murphy bar. This design has four shelves, with the one on top being used for planter decorations.

7. Bright red

Not only is a murphy bar functional, but it can also be used as a decoration. Check out this bright red design. It even has hooks for kitchen utensils and other cooking equipment.

(Source: Shelterness)

8. Minibar with stand

It looks similar to the other white murphy bar, but this one has a brown-colored cover on both sides. There are only two shelves, but it also has hangers for wine glasses.

9. Minibar for bottles and glasses

For those that have small vertical space, you can opt for a tiny murphy bar. It won't be able to store most of your kitchen equipment, but it is enough for some bottles and glasses.

(Source: Etsy)

10. Dark-stained wooden pallet murphy bar

Another small design you can try is this dark-stained pallet murphy bar. It has three compartments and an area where you can hang a towel or some napkins.

(Source: Digs Digs)

11. White and pink vertical murphy bar

For a unique look, you can try this white and pink design. It is narrow but long with three shelves of different sizes. You can even fit a long bottle in the middle row.

(Source: Brit+Co)

12. Outdoor Wall-mounted murphy bar

Not all murphy bars without stands have chain links. Check out this simple outdoor wall-mounted murphy bar. It looks great with the white finish and saves space with the glass hangers.

13. With a drawer and glass hangers

Check out this design! It didn't use chains, and even if it is small, it utilizes the space properly. There is a drawer for small items as well as glass hangers for wine glasses.

14. Add proper lighting

To make your outdoor murphy bar area livelier, it's nice to have proper lighting. It would also lighten up your patio or backyard, and creates a cool effect on the space.

(Source: Etsy)

15. Murphy bar with hangers and shelves

If you need a murphy bar for multiple glasses, check out this style. It can have eight glass hangers and some space for eight shot glasses on the same shelf. You can add eight normal-sized glasses on the second shelf.

(Source: HGTV)

16. Square box with shelves

Here's a simple square design with three compartments. You can place the long-bottled drinks on the tall shelf while using the other two for glasses. You even have a top shelf for decoration.

17. Thick edges

If you need a smaller murphy bar but can accommodate more items, you can try this style. It is thicker so you can place more stuff on each shelf. The cover also makes use of a pallet design.

(Source: Etsy)

18. Frame-design

You can also go for a more simple murphy bar, just like this frame design. It has no shelves or compartment, just enough space for bottles and some glasses.

19. Light-up murphy bar

Brighten up your outdoor bar area by decorating it with solar fairy lights, just like this pallet murphy bar. The glow from the like would look great against the dark color of the wood.

(Source: Cassie Fairy)

20. 5-piece murphy bar

If you're worried that you won't have enough space for two to three people, check out this 5-piece chair set. This vertical design can accommodate five chairs!

21. Wide blue murphy bar

You may also opt for a wide blue murphy bar design, just like this one. The blue goes well with the white wall, so you may want to try it out if you have the same color.

(Source: Pinterest)

22. White rectangle murphy bar

Another landscape design is this white rectangle murphy bar. It also looks different because there are no chains or ropes, which is possible if the hinges are sturdy enough.

(Source: Remodelista)

23. American murphy bar

For a different look, this murphy bar has a cover with an American flag. You can also use a different design so that when the cover is closed, this will double as a decoration.

24. Wide murphy bar

Here is a wide murphy bar with a different-shaped top. It doesn't have compartments in the inside, but the top can be a place for glasses and other decoration.

(Source: Etsy)

25. Two-toned murphy bar

For a unique look, you can try this two-toned design. Doesn't it look beautiful with the dark blue color and brown accents? It also has a lot of shelves, perfect for cooking utensils and other tools.

(Source: Interior Design)

26. Bright pink color

Make the area pop with a bright pink murphy bar. When you open the cover, there are even black and white strips. The area looks more beautiful with the planters on top.

(Source: Classy Clutter)

27. Upcycled pallet wood

Check out this murphy bar! It looks great even if it is made out of upcycled pallet wood. Even if it's small, there are three compartments for the drinks and glasses.

(Source: Etsy)

28. Tall murphy bar with cabinets

Do you have a lot of things? Here is a fold-down murphy bar with multiple compartments. It has a cabinet and plenty of shelves. You probably won't run out of space.

29. Serving station

Take a look at this rectangular murphy bar. It has three shelves, and the top part is used for cups. One of the compartments is tall and wide enough to fit multiple bottles.

(Source: Pinterest)

30. Window-cover with dark blue finish

When the cover is closed, this murphy bar would look amazing with the window-styled cover. It will even display the bottles.

(Source: Pinterest)

31. Surrounded by greenery

You can also try this design. The murphy bar is surrounded by plants, making it look like its floating in a sea of green. There is also a small compartment for tools such as a can opener.

(Source: Etsy)

32. Half-covered murphy bar

For a different look, you can do a half-covered murphy bar. Only one compartment will be covered, while the top one is exposed. You can make it thicker so you'll have more space for bottles and glasses.

(Source: Pinterest)

33. Thin murphy bar

Here's a narrow design for a murphy bar. It can accommodate more shelves but you will have a thin table. It also comes with a stand, so it would be durable.

34. Square-shaped murphy bar

Another simple design is this square-shaped murphy bar. It may not have a lot of space, but it is thicker, and you can place some items on top of the box.

(Source: Pottery Barn)

35. Rustic design

For a rustic look, check out this murphy bar. It has three compartments, and a top-shelf where you can place decoration and other items. Compared to other styles, this one only has one chain.

(Source: Etsy)

36. Pine board murphy bar

This murphy bar has a beautiful finish, with its pine board material. It goes well with a brick wall, and the light color makes the colors of the cups, fruits, and other items pop.

(Source: Hunker)

37. Clean white look

For a clean and elegant design, you can go for a white murphy table. This would look great with patterned walls like this. It also matches the beautiful green plants on top.

(Source: Live Laugh Rowe)

38. Simple fold down

Check out this simple fold down murphy table. There are no extra decorations, and the only thing that pops out is the white chain. It is functional and can store plenty of items.

39. Dark wood murphy bar

This murphy bar looks great with the dark wood finish. It has three compartments and there is also a top shelf for extra items. You can save space by also stacking up shot glasses, just like in the photo.

(Source: Como Bungalow)

40. Mini murphy bar

If you don't have enough wall space, you can go for a smaller design, just like this mini murphy bar. It can only fit a few bottles, or you can opt to not place all the drinks and leave space for glasses instead.

(Source: Etsy)

41. Fresh-look with flowers

This design looks fresh and dainty. The white finish with flower patterns makes the lemonade look even more refreshing. It also has three compartments so you have a lot of space to store your things.

(Source: Like Honey)

42. Vibrant color

Use a vibrant color to make your murphy bar stand out and look more attractive. It goes well with plain-colored walls, giving it a bit of life.

43. Multiple shelves

With upright rectangle murphy bars, you can have more shelves for your items. It won't be as wide, but you can have varying sizes for the different things you need to store.

44. Metal grid siding

For a different look, you can get a murphy bar with metal grids on the side. There is also a metal bar on top to keep the items on top from falling off.

(Source: Uncommon Goods)

45. Pine and pallet murphy bar

This murphy bar looks great and will go well with most homes. It uses pinewood and pallets, giving it a unique look. There are also more shelves since most murphy bars of this size only have two to three compartments.

(Source: Pinterest)

46. Modified ironing board

A thin and narrow murphy bar is perfect for those who need to store a lot of things. This design uses a modified ironing board, so you have a long table that can accommodate more people.

(Source: Etsy)

47. Pallet murphy bar with hangers and shelves

This pallet murphy bar looks fantastic. The cover is even two-fold, so you have an option to extend it or keep this small. This is perfect for those who won't have enough space to pass by if the cover is extended.

(Source: Pinterest)

48. Murphy bar with table stand

Here's a tall murphy bar with a sturdy table stand. It also has a lot of shelves, so you can store everything you need - from bottles to utensils.

49. Barnwood murphy bar

Check out this murphy bar. It has five shelves, which is perfect for shot glasses and different-sized containers. The grey cover also gives it a different look.

50. Word decoration

To make the murphy bar look more decorative when it is closed, you can put some words as a design. You can also use different designs such as drawings, caricatures, or patterns.

(Source: Pinterest)

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