50 Garden Bed Design Ideas To Add Color To Your Backyard

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After achieving a lush and green garden, you might be thinking, “Is my yard too green?”. If yes, then it's time to add some color to your backyard by creating a beautiful flower bed or raised garden bed.

Whether you want to plant flowers or vegetables to your garden, the different colors or additional hues of green will make your lawn look more amazing. Not only do they add beauty, but the flowers will make the air smell better while the vegetables will make it easier for you to make home-cooked meals.

Now, the next step is determining the style of your garden or flower bed. These beds come in varying forms and styles, so creating one from an empty bed can be quite challenging.

If you're starting from scratch and having a difficult time envisioning the outcome, you can check out these 50 garden bed designs. Maybe you'll find something that suits your yard and taste or use it as an inspiration for creating a unique garden bed.

1. Spiral Garden Bed

If you don't have enough space, you can try this simple but beautiful spiral garden bed. You can use stones or bricks to create a similar structure.

2. Bright-colored Grow Bed

Add an accent color using a colorful grow bed. This bright blue periwinkle bed will look great with flowers or even if you just use it for a herb garden.

3. Wooden Raised Bed

A garden bed doesn't have to be complicated. Check out this simple wooden raised bed! You can customize it based on the size of your yard or preference. Check out this video or read this guide on how to create a raised garden bed.

4. Garden Bed with Additional Seating

Do you need more sitting? You can have a garden bed and patio benches in one with this raised bed with benches. It's perfect for small yards and is a great way to save some space.

(Source: Bonnie Plants)

5. Surrounding a Centerpiece

If you have a fountain or other central water feature, you can plant a garden bed around it. This will make the area look more beautiful as well as smell better.

6. Garden Bed with Wood Edging

Here's a garden bed that can fit in any yard! Plant the garden bed by the fence and then create the area using wood edging. You can also add a few decorations similar to the ball.

7. Metal Raised Garden Bed

You can also use a small metal container to have a garden bed in a yard with limited space. Doesn't this metal raised garden bed filled with flowers look great?

(Source: Epic Gardening)

8. Flower Bed by the Home's Exterior Wall

For those who have large yard space, you can turn an area by your home into a flower bed. It would be more difficult to do this for homes with a smaller lawn since it would take up too much space.

9. Weed-free Flower Bed

Your flower bed doesn't have to be completely filled with plants and flowers. Check out this weed-free flower bed with gravel and other decorations.

(Source: Girl, Just DIY!)

10. Sunburst Raised Garden Bed

Here's a beautiful garden bed kit you can buy for your home. If you're not a fan of the design, you can reconfigure or extend it. You can also turn the assembly into a fun afternoon activity with the family.

(Source: Amazon)

11. Flower Bed with Rock Edging

There are different kinds of materials you can use as an edging for your flower bed: wood, bricks, metal, and more. If you want to make it more natural, you can use stones as well.

12. Between Pathways

If you find the turf between your pathways a little bland, you can turn those into colorful flower beds. You don't have to convert your entire lawn, you can just choose certain spots.

13. Terraced Garden Bed on a Slope

Do you want a unique-looking garden bed? You can try out this terraced garden bed. Not only does it look amazing, but it can also help with drainage problems.

14. Garden Bed for Paved Backyards

If you have a paved yard, you can still have a garden bed! Check out this raised garden bed by the fence. It's a great color break for those that have too much concrete.

15. Timber Raised Garden Beds

If you have pets and want to keep your garden bed safe, you can use a raised garden bed. This one is a timber raised bed with a blue color. You can always paint yours so it would match your outdoor area.

16. Corrugated Metal Garden Bed

Another unique way to add a garden bed to your yard is with these round corrugated metal beds. You can add more than one to create a pattern of colors from the plants, flowers, and shiny metal.

(Source: Sunset)

17. Garden Bed Around a Tree

Do you have one random tree sprouting in the middle of your yard? Instead of cutting it down, turn it into a centerpiece by surrounding it with a colorful garden bed.

18. Narrow Flower Bed

Check out this simple flower bed by the fence! You can fill it with varying flowers and plants, making it look more colorful. Don't forget an edging to complete the same look.

19. Triangle Garden Bed

You don't have to make it extravagant, just play with the shapes, plants, and flowers. Check out this triangle garden bed — it looks simple but unique.

20. Recycled Metal Wheels Edging

Do you want something more unique than brick or stone edging? You can salvage old items such as metal wheels and turn it into a border for your flower bed.

21. Natural Wood Raised Garden

For those who want to make their garden bed look more natural, you can check out this natural wood raised garden design. You will use branches to create the container of your garden bed.

22. Side Yard flower bed

If you have a side yard, you can also use part of that area for your flower bed. Doesn't this area look amazing? They even placed a tiny flower bed by the window sill.

23. Brick flower bed edging

Check out this newly-renovated flowed bed. It was a family activity to fix their old and plain-looking flower bed. They even added a sculpture, showing that it can be filled with other things besides plants and flowers.

24. Spilling flower bed

You would probably hear your guests exclaim “Oh no, your vase fell!” when they see this unique flower bed. You can use different containers or planters, and plant different-colored flowers and plants to make it look more colorful.

(Source: Southern Patio)

25. Patterned flower bed

Doesn't this flower bed look amazing and organized? It would be hard to create and maintain but it's worth it! If I want to recreate it, I would probably use small dividers or hidden box containers.

26. Tree stump flower bed

If you've recently cut a huge tree in your yard — don't get rid of the stump! You can turn this into a flower bed area. Just plant some colorful flowers around and on top of the stump.

(Source: Ideas 2 Live 4)

27. Flower...stone bed?

Here's a unique-looking flower — or should I say — stone bed. Use some pots or let plants grow through the stones to complete the whole look.

(Source: My Desired Home)

28. Front garden bed

Add some color to your front porch or front entryway with a simple front garden bed. Check out this beautiful addition, which would probably increase the curb appeal of this home.

29. Old wagon wheel garden bed

You can recycle and decorate your garden at the same time by using a wagon wheel garden bed. It looks amazing, and your guests would be surprised to see such a unique-looking garden bed.

(Source: Grows on You)

30. Bales of straw raised garden bed

Another way to make your garden bed look unique is by using bales of straw. Your guests would be surprised to see this design and would probably take out their phones for a snap.

(Source: Bonnie Plants)

31. Scrap metal raised garden bed

Recycle old metal so you can try this scrap metal raised garden bed design. With the overflowing greenery, you wouldn't even notice the rust or think that it looks worn out.

(Source: Sunset)

32. Steel pipe garden edging

Another edging design for your garden bed is a steel pipe. Not only will it become an edge, but it will become small succulent beds. Fill each one with soil and stones, with succulents on top.

33. Raised garden bed with drawers

Make the most of your garden bed by using it to decorate the yard as well as for storage. This raised bed comes with drawers so you can keep your garden tools, lawn equipment, or anything you want.

34. Deck with built-in flower bed

For those who are planning to build a deck or have an area in their lawn paved, you can leave space for a flower bed. This would be a nice visual break instead of just seeing pure concrete.

(Source: Katrina Blair)

35. Broken pot garden bed

It's not actually broken but a pot with an extra hole can be used as a garden bed, just like this one. Surround the area with other plants and gravel to complete the look.

(Source: My Desired Home)

36. Pot flower bed

Another way to turn pots into a flower bed is to plan them like this. Instead of leaving the on the surface, you can plant the pots instead.

37. Spilling flower bed (barrel edition)

Using containers to spill flower bed is a unique and fun design for flower beds. One item you can use is a barrel, and to make it look better, bury half of it so that it looks like this.

(Source: Pinterest)

38. Bed frame flower bed

Do you have an unused or old bed frame you're about to throw away? Not only can it be used for your bed, but you can also turn it into a bed for your flowers. Take a look at this design!

39. Water well garden bed

Convert an old water well or build a new one into a beautiful garden bed. You can surround the well with plants as well to add more color.

(Source: My Desired Home)

40. Tipped wheelbarrow garden bed

It looks like a mistake or as if you've accidentally tipped the wheelbarrow, which is why it would make a great conversation starter when you have guests over.

41. Symmetrical and organized

There's something about this garden bed design that makes it look amazing! Is it because of the organized plants and flowers? Maybe the row of colors? If you love the look, you should try it out as well.

(Source: HomeBNC)

42. Garden bed centerpiece

If you have a huge lawn, why hide a beautifully-created garden bed? Make it your centerpiece, especially if it looks something like this.

43. Elevated garden bed

If you don't want to dig a bed or you don't have space for one, you can create an elevated garden bed. It saves space as well as functions almost similarly to an in-ground or raised bed.

44. Garden bed boxes

Who knew that using boxes as garden beds can produce a great result? As long as you place them properly, just like the image below, then it would look amazing as well.

(Source: Sunset)

45. Cinder block garden bed edging

Another edging you can use for your flower bed is a cinder block. It even has holes in between where you can plant more flowers. Once it starts overflowing, you would barely see the edging.

(Source: Guiding Home)

46. Simple flower bed

A flower bed doesn't have to be extravagant, it can be as simple as this and still make your yard look amazing!

47. Vertical flower bed

If you don't have space or have a small yard, then this design would be perfect for you! A vertical flower bed works almost the same and looks amazing as well.

(Source: The Idea Room)

48. Raised bed with bench

Here is a planter bench with two tear raised bed in the back. You can decorate your yard as well as provide more seating for your guests.

49. Surrounding the home

Go big with your flower bed and surround your home or most of your home with a stream of flowers and greenery. Use different-colored plants to have a colorful edging.

50. Not limited to the backyard

You can also place your garden or flower beds in your front yard! It doesn't have to be limited to the lawn behind your home - show them off to the people passing by!

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