50 Deck Design Ideas For The Perfect Outdoor Area

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During a sunny day, wouldn't it be nice to go out and relax in your backyard? It's even better when there's a cool breeze while you're sitting in a comfortable chair, and not just anywhere, but on a beautifully-designed deck.

If you don't want to just lounge in just the middle of your lawn with a chair, you might want to get a deck. If you don't know what a deck is, it is a flat platform usually made out of lumber that is elevated from the ground.

It is typically adjoined to a house and can have a roof or be covered by a pergola or canopy. A deck can also be roofless or enclosed by a railing; based on the description, this shows that it's a customizable area. So whether you have a small or big one, you can install the perfect deck for your home.

Besides its customizability, a deck makes a great addition to your yard since it can be used for your outdoor seating, a place for your patio furniture, when you want to dine outside, to host BBQ parties, and more. They also make outdoor areas look better and more organized as well as increase the value of homes.

Now, since decks are very flexible with the design, it can be difficult to build one. That's why whether you are just planning on having one or want to redecorate your old deck, here are some gorgeous deck design inspirations to help you out.

1. Pergola Integrated with a Deck

If you usually spend the whole day in your outdoor area, it would be better if cover your deck with a pergola. Check out the design below, it even comes with a built-in bench for more seating options.

2. Not your usual brown

Who says your deck should stick to one color? Paint over the brown wood with colors that match your furniture! Doesn't this deck look lovely with the blue hues?

(Source: House Beautiful)

3. Deck with stairs and railing

Here's what a deck with railing and stairs look like. Since decks are usually elevated, you should build one with stairs to make it easier to go up and down.

4. Add a living wall with movable planters

Make your deck look more colorful and increase privacy by adding a wall. If you check out this design, you can even move the planters if you get tired of the current arrangement.

(Source: Family Handyman)

5. Wood pallet deck

If you have unused or old wood pallets, you can use it to build your deck. Just make sure that the spaces in between aren't wide enough for you to trip or you can cover it with a rug.

6. Slanted lumber

Instead of the usual straight placement, you can slant the lumber — similar to the design below. It already looks different, even if you use the same brown-colored wood.

(Source: Deck)

7. Deck with above ground hot tub

You can also use the deck area for your hot tub. This design has an elevated hot tub, so you'll need stairs as well. There's even a higher railing, or rather like a half wall, for some privacy.

(Source: Timber Town)

8. Narrow deck for small spaces

For those who have limited space in their yard, you can build a smaller deck. Here's a simple video tutorial on how to build a narrow deck that is adjacent to your home.

9. By the corner of your yard

You can also install a deck by the corner of your lawn. Check out this design! It has hanging lights, surrounding greenery, a rug, and pallet sofas.

(Source: Fresh Patio)

10. Deck around a fire pit

Do you love bonfires? You can build a deck around a fire pit so you have seating as well as a beautifully-decorated area in your backyard.

(Source: Net Luxury)

11. Tiny deck for a small yard

Here's a nice and quaint deck design that would be perfect for yards with limited space. By looking at the picture, it looks like a cozy spot to relax or hang out with family and friends.

(Source: I Spy DIY)

12. Minimalist Deck

Even with a small deck, your outdoor area would still look amazing! The design below looks cozy yet elegant, with only a couple of chairs and a few plants.

(Source: Durham House)

13. Installing an attached deck

If you have a large yard, you can attach a huge deck like this one. This design has railings and is elevated from the ground. Compared to other decks, this is higher than usual. Find out how to make it stable despite the height.

14. Make it curvy

Decks don't always need to have straight edges or shaped like a square or rectangle. You might want to try out this design; it has an unusual shape with curved edges, different from the normal deck.

15. Layered deck with sail shade

By layering your deck, you create a nice effect as well as automatically have stairs to your deck. To prevent getting sunburnt, you can also install a sail shade.

16. Ground level deck

A deck doesn't have to be elevated as well. Here's a ground level deck design you might want to try for your home. With a few lounge chairs and patio umbrella, the area would look great!

17. Pool deck

Are you planning to get a pool? You should get an in-ground pool with a deck. The area looks amazing and with the right lumber, it won't be as slippery as other pavement alternatives.

(Source: Pinterest)

18. Simple ground level deck

Here's another ground level deck you can check out. If you don't like elevated decks or needing stairs to go to your deck, it can be as simple as this one.

19. Detached deck

Another perfect design for those who have a small yard, this detached deck will make a cozy space. With a few chairs and fabric walls, you can relax privately with your family and friends.

(Source: HGTV)

20. Deck and pond

Do you want a unique-looking deck? Take a look at this design! It's not the usual rectangle or square deck, plus, it has a pond and great landscaping.

(Source: Deavita)

21. Seating and planter border

Here's another unusual deck design. It's an elevated deck with stairs, seating, and planter edging. It would look more amazing when plants are growing and by placing a small table by the built-in bench.

(Source: Outdoor Design)

22. Deck with in-ground hot tub

For those who want a hot tub in their home, here is another design you can use — but this time, it's for an in-ground tub. It works for a small yard, and with some lounge chairs and hanging lights, the area will look cozy and magical.

(Source: Deck & Docks)

23. All the works!

Here's a design with almost everything a deck can be installed with. It's elevated with stairs, railing, built-in bench, and an outdoor shade structure. You can also add patio chairs for additional seating.

24. Pond holes

Instead of having one solid deck flooring, you can have a more creative-looking deck by having pond holes. Check out this design! The three corners are turned into ponds while the fourth corner is used as a seating area.

(Source: Pinterest)

25. Round-shaped deck

Are you tired of seeing rectangle- or square-shaped decks? Here's a deck with a round shape that would work in a narrow yard. It even looks great with the built-in bench and fountain feature.

26. Floating deck

Whether you have a large or small yard, you can try this floating deck design. Even if it's small, you have more space to decorate the surrounding, allowing you to relax while enjoying a nice view.

(Source: Pinterest)

27. Surrounding a tree

Do you have a tree in the middle of your lawn? You don't have to cut it since you can build a deck around it. This area looks amazing, even with the divide between the paved space and deck.

(Source: Designing Idea)

28. Elevated deck with railings

When you're building a high deck, it's important for it to have railings to avoid accidents. Take a look at this one; with that amount of steps, you need deck railings.

29. Deck for your side yard

If you don't have enough space in your backyard, you can install a deck in your side yard. Even in a narrow space like this, you can build a beautiful-looking deck.

(Source: Yardzen)

30. Tiny deck with a pergola

For those who have a small yard, take a look at this design. It looks amazing even if it's not a large area. It has a pergola and trellis wall for some shade and privacy; and with some chairs and table, it's a cozy spot to relax in.

31. Modern oval deck

Do you want something unique? Here's a modern oval deck that has walls, a roof, and flooring. It would also work in a small and a large yard.

32. Corner deck with extension

If you need a lot of seating area, you can try this design. It has a corner deck for your sofas and chairs, and then extend the deck for your outdoor dining set.

(Source: Pinterest)

33. Deck around an above ground pool

For those who have an above ground pool, you can build a deck around it. Check out this video on how to build this deck! It makes it easier to get in the pool and it extends your pool area.

34. Hot tub deck

If you want a hot tub but have limited space, you can try this small hot tub deck. It's created just for the hot tub and also makes it easier to get in. It will also look better with the surrounding greenery.

(Source: The Pool Co.)

35. Low maintenance deck

Here's a simple deck that you can add to your home. It's slightly elevated and has two exit paths. For the built-in bench, make sure to be careful and not fall backward while sitting down.

(Source: Home Talk)

36. Modern deck

For those who want a deck that will really amaze their guests, check out this modern-looking deck. It has different-sized steps and has a unique outdoor structure to complete the whole look.

37. Contemporary deck

Another unique design you can do is this wood and concrete deck. It mixes materials, shapes, and comes with a fire pit. You can even use the area barefooted since it has grass flooring.

(Source: Contemporist)

38. Floating deck with trellis wall

Even if you have a small deck, you can use it for your barbecue area. Take a look at this floating deck. It even has a trellis wall for added privacy.

39. Deck with garden pond

Here's a simple deck that would look great in any yard. You can build a deck around a small garden pond, and with a bench, you'll have a cozy spot to read a book or talk with a friend.

(Source: Family Handyman)

40. Sloping deck

If your yard is sloping, you can still build a deck on it. Check out this deck built for that type of yard. You can also add stairs for the elevated areas, so you can safely go up and down.

41. Complete with a fire pit

Another design you can do when you have a fire pit is something like this. Cut out a hole for the fire pit, place some built-in bench, and then have a cover for your dining area.

(Source: Net Luxury)

42. Deck with built-in bench and fire pit

You can also try this design with a fire pit table. With a built-in bench, you don't have to worry about finding seats. If you need some cover, you can also install a shade sail.

(Source: Dwelling Decor)

43. Ground level deck with LED lights

Here's a simple ground level deck that would fit even in a small yard. You can just add a three-piece furniture set and a patio umbrella, then you'll have a cozy spot to relax in.

44. Deck with steel pergola

This deck and outdoor area look amazing! It's like a zen garden, with the landscaping features and cozy deck space. The circle steps also add a unique touch.

(Source: Pergola Gazebos)

45. Deck with a water feature

If you have a pond, you can use a deck as an outdoor area for your seating options as well as a crossing. Check out this design, doesn't it look great with the greenery and sparkling water?

(Source: Own The Yard)

46. Planter edging

If you feel that your deck is too brown, you can have a planter edging to add some green accents — just like this deck design. With the plants as a border, it would also prevent people from falling over.

(Source: Decks)

47. Within a paved area

It doesn't have to be wood all over. Check out this design with stones around the edge. The wood and tile combination makes it a unique addition to your home.

(Source: Sunset)

48. Floating deck with steps

You can add some texture to a floating deck by installing some steps. With some layering, it already looks better than a plain and flat deck.

49. Deck with a corner hot tub

For above ground hot tubs, you can try this design. The hot tub is placed at the corner, which makes it easier to get in and out of the tub. Make sure to add railings so no one would accidentally fall over.

(Source: Backyard Boss)

50. Deck with storage area

If you feel that a deck will just take up space, you can install a design that doubles as a storage area. The one below is used to store firewood, but you can use the space for garden tools, lawn equipment, and more.

(Source: Ideas 4 Homes)

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