50 Beautiful Fencing Design Inspirations To Increase Privacy and Curb Appeal

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One way to make your home private as well as secure is by installing a fence. Not only does it keep people from looking or stumbling into your lawn, but it is also a decorative structure. When you can find the right design that complements your home's exterior, it will become an aesthetic addition that can also help increase your curb appeal.

There are many designs, sizes, and materials you can choose from. You can go rustic, modern, or use a combination of styles. To help you out, here are gorgeous fence design inspiration you can check out if you want to install a fence or redecorate the existing one in your home.

1. Mixing patterns

Make your fence look more attractive by mixing patterns. Check out this horizontal fence with trellis topper. You can use climbing plants to increase privacy.

(Source: Simphome)

2. Wooden fence

You can also opt for a simple horizontal fence just like this one. It gets the job done, blocking the view of passersby and marking your property.

(Source: Bower Power)

3. Chainlink fence

If you prefer not blocking the inward view, you can use a chainlink fence, just like this one. You can use colored posts so that they wouldn't look plain and dull.

4. Wooden fence panels with potted plants

To add some color to your wooden fence, you can hang some potted plants. Make it look livelier by using different-colored pots and a variety of plants and flowers.

5. PVC fence with an arbor

A fence doesn't have to be a straight horizontal border. You can add an arbor that will serve as a decoration and entryway to your home. Check out this PVC fence with an arbor.

(Source: Salem Fence)

6. Wooden posts and aluminum fencing

Combine metal and wood to create this look. The wooden posts and aluminum bars is a design that would fit most homes. It may not block the inward view, but the pointy ends will keep threats away.

7. Wooden fence with climbing plants

 Another way to make a wooden fence look more colorful is to trail some climbing plants or flowers on it. Check out this simple fence with beautiful purple flowers growing along the planks.

(Source: Country Living)

8. Hog wire fence

Check out this fence! This design is called a hog wire fence. You can adjust it to be higher if you want better security. I think it would also look great if you let climbing plants grow on it.

9. Gabion fence

Here is a sturdy and unique fence you can add to your home. A gabion fence has stone-stacked walls that are kept in place by a wire.

(Source: Next Luxury)

10. Fence with climbing plant trellis

If your fence doesn't have bars or planks that climbing plants can trail, you can use a wire to create a trellis. Check out this beautiful fence design. You can even create patterns in any way you like.

(Source: One Kings Lane)

11. Basket weave fence

For those who want an attractive and unique-looking fence, check out this style. It seems that a basket weave design looks great on a fence. Doesn't it look cool?

(Source: Reno Guide)

12. Fence with a pergola topper

Besides getting more privacy, provide more shade to your yard by using fences with a pergola topper. You can apply the pergola roof on top of the fence, just like this one.

13. Spaced-picket fence

One of the most common fence designs you'll see is a picket fence. It has spaced vertical planks that are linked by two or more horizontal planks.

14. Alternating Slatted-Wood fence

Instead of having a solid wall-like fence, you can try this alternating slatted-wood design. This will block the inward view while allowing more light and color to pass through the fence.

(Source: Pinterest)

15. Split rail fence

For a rustic look, you can try this design. This is a split rail fence that is connected by woven twigs. You may want to have multiple weavings to make it sturdier.

(Source: Backyard Boss)

16. Wooden-lattice fence

This wooden-lattice fence would look great in most homes! It also has small holes so you won't have to worry about trailing climbing plants to increase privacy.

17. Fence with seamless gate

gate design you can use to make your fence look seamless is this turnable wall. Just make sure to remember where it is, or else, you'll end up looking for the entrance for a long time.

18. Simple wooden privacy fence

Here's a simple wooden fence to make your yard more private. Place the planks side-by-side so there won't be openings, preventing passersby from looking into your home.

19. Metal fence with holes

Another unique-looking fence you can try is this style. A plain metal fence will look very dull; to make it look more attractive, get a metal wall with patterned holes.

(Source: This Old House)

20. Metal wire fence with wooden frame

A simple yet beautiful fence design you can try is this metal wire fence. It has a wooden frame, and the panel size varies as it goes along the border. This is also perfect for those with sloped yards.

(Source: Deck Masters)

21. Stone fence

For a unique design, you can go for a stone fence. It's durable and looks attractive, giving your home a rustic touch. With lighter-colored rocks, it would even go well with a modern-styled home.

22. Deer fencing

Here is an elegant deer fencing that you may want to try. It's unique and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but it won't block the inward view as much.

(Source: Gardenista)

23. Spaced-wooden fence

Check out this tall wooden fence! Its spacing is just right to prevent people from seeing inside your yard while allowing colors and light to still pass through.

24. Wood and iron fence

Who knew that wood and metal would look great on a fence? Check out this wood and iron fence. The metal makes the fence more durable and can be used to fill the spaces in-between planks.

(Source: FenceTrac)

25. Pallet fence

You can make your yard more secure and upcycle old pallets by turning it into a fence. Check out this design. You can also stack two pallets on top of each other to make the fence higher.

(Source: Pinterest)

26. Shutter fence

Instead of throwing old shutters away, you can give them a new life and turn them into a fence. Take a look at this shutter fence. Repaint is so that it would look new and more attractive.

27. Rustic fencing

Combine nature's elements and turn them into a beautiful rustic-styled fence. Here's a fence with stone-like bricks, a horizontal wooden fence, and a green wall on top.

(Source: Home My Design)

28. Horizontal cedar fence with gate

Instead of a spaced vertical fence, you can do a horizontal one for a different look. This is a cedar fence with spaced horizontal planks and gate for easy entrance.

29. Marble Fence

Make a plain wooden fence look magical by adding marbles in it. Here is a marble fence with brick posts. It looks even lovelier when the sunlight hits the marbles.

30. Modern fence

For a more modern look, check out this design. It has a white solid wall at the bottom and black metal bars on top. The bars have different lengths, giving it a unique look.

31. Garden fence with cutout

Make a plain wooden fence look more attractive by putting a cutout on it. This design has a clover-shaped cutout. If you find the hole too big, you can use stained glass to block it.

(Source: Flickr)

32. Vinyl and metal fence

Another unique combination you can try is this vinyl and metal fence. You can use the metal to thread in between the vinyl planks, producing this beautiful design.

(Source: Own The Yard)

33. A bamboo fence on a chainlink

To make your chainlink fence look more attractive, you can use bamboo along with it. It also reminds me of a zen garden, turning the yard into a relaxing place.

34. Combining fence styles

Check out this unique fence design. It uses a wooden picket fence and a horizontal slat wooden screen. You can also hang lights and planters to make it look livelier.

35. Prefab concrete panels

If you want the stone look but not real stones, you can try these prefab concrete panels. There are many patterns you can do with concrete, so you can get a customized-looking fence.

36. Vertical garden fence

Turn your wooden fence into a green wall by using it as a vertical garden. Add shelves to place some planters, and you will have a beautiful living wall.

(Source: Urban Gardens)

37. Slatted-wood fence

For a simple yet beautiful look, this slatted-wood fence is a great option. It looks sleek and elegant and has a style that will go well with most homes.

(Source: Decoist)

38. Corrugated steel and wooden frame

Another way to use metal for your fencing is with corrugated steel enclosed in a wooden frame. It looks different than the normal wood picket fences, with the curves from the metal sheets.

39. Willow fence

If you want a rustic-looking fence, this design is a beautiful inspiration. This willow fence has woven twigs, making your home look like it's in a large basket. 

(Source: Laundry ETC)

40. PVC Ornamental Fence

For a regal look, you can try this ornamental fence. This looks like a metal fence, but it is actually made out of PVC. It goes well with the brick posts with the lamps on top.

41. Corrugated metal fence

Here is another design that uses corrugated metal for the fencing. It has wooden posts, and in one corner, there are colored grid panels to make it look more attractive.

42. Square lattice fence

A simple fence you use is a lattice fence. To make it look more attractive and increase privacy, you can trail climbing plants and flowers on it.

(Source: Lehman Lane)

43. Rolling fence gate

Do you want to have the option to remove your fence gate? Check out this rolling fence gate with a trellis design. It's another style where you can trail climbing plants to make it look livelier.

44. Varying widths

For a different look, you can try this fence style. The planks have varying widths, which makes it look more abstract and unique.

(Source: Pinterest)

45. Wattle fence

It looks similar to the willow fence, but this one has thicker posts. The weaves on this wattle fence are also more random, with some going in a different direction.

46. Repurposed pallet fence

Instead of using the pallet as is, you can repurpose it to create a chevron-like pattern. This design looks great, considering that it is also made out of old pallets.

(Source: 1001 Pallets)

47. Cinder block fence

Instead of a white picket fence, you can try this cinder block fence. It even has a trellis-designed top, which adds texture to a plain white fence.

(Source: Remodelaholic)

48. Wood lattice fence

Here's another wood lattice fence you can try. It is a cedar fence with square lattice and chunky posts that creates adds texture and accentuate the overall look.

49. Black metal fence

For a more modern look, you can go for a black metal fence with varying sizes of grids. Check out this design! It looks great, especially against the greenery.

(Source: Hiro Boga)

50. Piano fence

If you want to be more creative, check out this simple piano fence. By adding some black strips in between, you can have a fence that looks like a large instrument.

(Source: HnG Ideas)

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