50 BBQ Area Design Inspirations For Your Outdoor Dining, Parties, and More!

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After you're done moving in and settling into your new home, one of the first projects you can do is fixing your outdoor area, particularly your barbecue setup.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to dine outside, enjoying the warm weather with your family and friends? If you love eating outdoors or having barbecue parties, then you should start planning your barbecue area!

This way, you can get it ready before summer starts, or for those who have recently moved in, by the time of your housewarming party. It's also great to have one before it gets too hot so you can keep your kitchen cool during the warmer months and not be stuffed in it while grilling your favorite dishes.

If you don't know how to get started, check out these 50 barbecue areas design ideas. You may just find the perfect or next look for your barbecue station.

1. Under A Pergola

If you have space in your yard, why not add an outdoor shade structure and place your barbecue grill under? It's a great combination you could try out!

2. Go Rustic With Bricks

Doesn't this barbecue area look amazing? It has an L-shape counter so you can cook while your family and friends can chat with you. The colors from the bricks give off a rustic vibe.

3. Built-in Barbecue Area in Outdoor Kitchen

Complete the setup by constructing an outdoor kitchen along with your barbecue area. Check out this video to see how they built it from scratch. You can try DIY-ing it or hire a professional to get the job done.

4. Concrete Finish

Keep it simple and sleek by using concrete structures for your barbecue area. It is also durable, so you won't have to worry as much when it weathers from the outdoor elements.

5. With A Dining Set

If you have a small yard, you don't need an extravagant barbecue area. Just have the grill and a dining set, then you're ready to host a small party for your friends or family.

6. A Quaint Space

Another small barbecue area that looks vintage, with the wooden cabinets and different-styled grill. Add some style by adding a vertical garden of potted plants.

(Source: Casa Abril)

7. Countertop and Long Table

Whether you have a few guests over or the whole family, make your barbecue area more flexible by adding different seating options. Try to be consistent with the style to make it look great.

(Source: Pure Style Home)

8. Build a BBQ Bench

If you don't like the stainless look, you can install a BBQ bench for a different style. You can customize the color so that it fits with your yard's theme.

9. Wood and Concrete

Some people think that wood and concrete don't go together - they probably haven't seen this beautiful barbecue area. Doesn't it look great? It's surprising that these colors work so well together.

(Source: DigsDigs)

10. Repurposed Pallets

Even if you don't use new lumber, you can still make a rustic-styled barbecue area look great. This one made use of repurposed pallets yet it still looks amazing!

(Source: Recyclart)

11. Hiding In Plain Sight

What a great idea! This style is perfect for those who want to store their barbecue grill without moving it to the garage or indoors.

(Source: Mr. Mitchell)

12. Stone and Greenery

Get closer with mother nature by utilizing stones and plants in your barbecue area. The hardness of the rock finish is subdued by the colorful plants. It feels as if you're in the wilderness.

13. Add A Beverage Fridge

Save time and effort by having a beverage fridge in your barbecue area. This way, you won't have to travel back and forth, and you can have a drink when you suddenly get thirsty.

14. Cinder Blocks

With some cinder blocks, you can also make your barbecue area look like this. A contemporary look that will look great with most homes.

(Source: Kinsman Garden)

15. Keep The Smoke Out

If you have a huge yard, use it to your advantage! Instead of placing the grill near the dining set, install it farther away so the smoke doesn't get in your guests' eyes.

16. Use A Divider

If you don't have a large area, you can make use of a divider like this one. It's near the dining area, and you won't have to worry about your guests inhaling the smoke or smelling like one.

17. Quaint Space

Here's a small barbecue area that has everything needed for a get-together. Just grab chairs so your guest won't eat standing up.

18. BBQ Shack

Check out this cool barbecue shack! This setup makes grilling meat easy and fun. It feels as if you're in the woods or some remote location.

19. Outdoor Pavilion

Rain or shine, enjoy dining outdoors by having a pavilion installed. As long as you have the space for it, this is a nice design for a barbecue area.

20. Built-in Bench

Limited space? This could work for you! If you need more seating areas, you can also install a built-in bench. A cozy spot, perfect during a chilly night.

21. Wood and Stone

Another rustic-designed barbecue area for those who like this look. The combination of wood and stone makes you feel that you're on a camping trip.

(Source: Casa Tres Chic)

22. Fireplace and Skylights

Make the area more welcoming by adding a nice fireplace. In addition to the light from the fire, installing skylights will illuminate the space. You can also try this color scheme - doesn't it feel like a great place to unwind?

(Source: Warehouse)

23. Simple and Practical

If you don't want an extravagant barbecue area, you can go simple — just like this one. It won't take up a lot of space, and it will accommodate your family and a few friends.

24. Barbecue Island

This is a cozy-looking space, with the lights, fireplace, and different seating options. Having an island also makes it easier to serve food, and it can be used as an extra table.

25. Modern Style

Doesn't this design look great? The sleek finish plus how it's connected to your home's exterior wall. You also won't get bored grilling as your guests are sitting so close.

(Source: Stone Design By Santos)

26. Side By Side

Here's another setup that allows you to interact with your guests while cooking. It's easy to serve the food, you just have to lean forward. You can even put on a nice show with the way the seating area and grilling station is placed.

27. Grill Station

If you don't have enough space, grill stations like this will suffice. It comes with a seating area, sink, countertop, and everything you need for your next grilling session.

(Source: Lowe's)

28. Pallet BBQ Station

Have everything you need when grilling by getting a BBQ station. You don't have to keep walking in and out for your house, saving you time and prevent you from burning the meat.

29. Grand Scale

You can also go all out and have a huge barbecue area. Rain or shine, you can dine outdoors while enjoying the cool breeze.

30. Save The Trees

Now that's a centerpiece! No need to cut some trees for your barbecue area, instead, build around it. It lives and your area looks amazing, it's a win-win!

31. Custom Pergola

If you feel that your barbecue area is too bare, you can add a small custom-sized pergola for your grilling station and outdoor kitchen. It also provides some shade from the sun.

32. Not One But Two Grills

Do you have a lot of guests when you host barbecue parties? You can have two grills and a pizza oven without taking up a lot of space - just like the one below.

33. Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island makes it easier to grill. You have tables for the dishes and most of your equipment can be stored there.

34. Utilize the Side Yard

Do you have a side yard? You can also use that space for your barbecue area. Place the seating area on one side and the grilling station on the other, you will still have space in the middle to pass through.

35. Add Some Cover

Are you worried about the rain damaging your grill? An arbor will do the trick! You will also get some shade while cooking under the sun.

(Source: Sheds.co.uk)

36. Sliding Barn Doors

Save space and keep your grill safe by placing it in a covered area. Just open the sliding doors and your barbecue area will appear. If you want to hide it, just close the doors!

37. Entertainment Area

Grill and watch your favorite show by having a television in your barbecue area. Just make sure that you have a roof over it to prevent damaging the appliance.

(Source: Decor Pad)

38. Cement Blocks

Here's a simple grilling station made of cement blocks. It's neutral so it works with different-styled yards.

39. On A Deck

You can also have your barbecue area on a deck. Just be careful when using the stairs, especially when you're carrying dishes or holding sharp tools.

40. Vintage Rustic

Just because it's faded, doesn't mean it looks old and worn down. This style makes the place homely as if it's been here for generations.

(Source: Yellowhome.ru)

41. Inflatable Ring Toss

Do you have a portable grill? You can set up a barbecue area with one and a table similar to this. This is perfect for small areas or for those who want to use this space for something else.

42. Comfortable Seating Area

Accommodate a lot of people by having several seating options such as an armchair, couch, ottoman, high chair, and more! You might want to add a canopy so you don't get sunburnt.

(Source: HGTV)

43. Steel Countertops

Make it easier to clean the table of your grilling station by using steel or metal countertops. This way, you can still used wood for the bottom.

44. Folding BBQ Station

Don't have space for a BBQ area? You can try this murphy BBQ station. Similar to Murphy beds, you can fold the grill when you want to store it.

(Source: Mmminimal)

45. Clean Look

This barbecue area looks great! The white paint and stainless material make everything look clean. It also goes well with the stones and wooden roofing.

46. Concrete With Brick Interior

Add a bit of color to a concrete grilling station by using different materials or colors for the interior - just like this one.

(Source: Argemi)

47. Rustic Greenery

For those who have wooden landscaping features, you can try this look. The colors will work great with your rustic-themed outdoor area.

48. Brick BBQ Station

You can also have a simple brick BBQ station without the other features. As long as you have a dining area, then this would work!

49. Mediterranean Style

This design reminds me of the Greek Islands, with white pillars and soft colors. If only there was a lake view, then it would be perfect!

(Source: HGTV)

50. Hole In The Wall

Save space by having an in-wall BBQ grill station. This works for small yards or patios, so you have more space for your dining area.

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