5 Best Patio Umbrellas You Can Get For Your Home

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With our Florida sun, pergolas, gazebos, pavilions, and other outdoor shade structures have become an indispensable landscaping feature of our backyards.

But if you don’t want a permanent structure or have the budget for one, a great alternative for providing shade is a patio umbrella. This is also the perfect equipment for homeowners who don’t have a large yard. Aside from taking up little space, it is also portable and can be easily stored.

If you’re planning on getting one, you should know there are different types of patio umbrellas. The right umbrella should provide enough shade, protect you from sunburn, and block the rays from flashing your eyes. Aesthetic is also important since it has to appeal to you and match your yard’s overall look.

Fortunately, there are many designs to choose from. Let’s look at the different types and the best models for each one.

1. Table Patio Umbrellas

The traditional table patio umbrella is one of the most common types used by homeowners and restaurants. It looks like an oversized normal umbrella, but it is designed to stand in the center of a patio table. The pole can be made out of aluminum or wood and will fit right into the hole in the middle.

Most models come with a base to steady the umbrella and lessen any stress on the table. You will also have a ton of options for the design ─ choose a color and style that will match your outdoor area’s theme.

Grand Patio Outdoor Umbrella

Umbrella diameter: 9 feet
Ribs and pole: 6 steel and aluminum
Pole height: 8 feet
Pole diameter: 1.5 inches
Colors: Beige, Lime Green, Red, Coffee, Green, Colored Stripes
Easy to operate with auto crank
Rust-proof and powder coated
Water-resistant and UV protected
Comes with a wind vent for windy days
Great for round, rectangle, or square tables with 4 to 6 chairs
(The base is not included)

2. Offset Patio Umbrellas

An offset or cantilever patio umbrella is a free-standing structure that has a support base, which allows the canopy to hang.

Unlike the traditional or table patio umbrella, this type is placed on the side and not at the center of the table. The pole has an extended arm to allow people under the canopy without getting obstructed by the pole.

This is a great option for those who don’t have a patio table with a hole in the middle or prefer a different style for their yard. But it has a large support base and a sturdy pole to support the big canopy, which means it is heavier and not portable.

Le Papillon Cantilever Umbrella

Umbrella diameter: 10 feet
Ribs and pole: 8 steel
Pole diameter: 1.9 inches
Colors: Beige, Blue
Easy to open and crank
Rust-free and coffee powder coated finish
Comes with a tilt feature and 360-degree swivel
Water-resistant and stable against strong wind pressure
Comes with a wind vent to allow air flow
The cross base is included
(Weights are not included)

3. Tilting Patio Umbrellas

A tilting patio umbrella is similar to a traditional table patio umbrella, but it has a pivoting or tilting feature. This type has an additional joint at the top part of the pole, which allows the umbrella to rotate and be placed at an angle. It’s more flexible and adaptable as it can be used at any time of the day to block the sun.

Whether the rays are shining from the top, left, or right, pivot the angle to keep your skin safe from harm. With this umbrella, you won’t need to move your chair to hide from the sun anymore.

Abba Patio Outdoor Umbrella

Umbrella diameter: 9 feet, 42" to 54" round
Ribs: 8 steel
Pole height: 8.2 feet
Pole diameter: 1.5 inches
Colors: Red, Beige, Green, Turquoise, Striped, Red striped, Flag
Push button to tilt and has a crank mechanism
Rust- free and powder-coated pole
Accommodates rectangle or square table with 4 to 6 chairs
Fade-resistant, water-repellent, and UV protected
Solution-dyed and recycled polyester fabric
(The base is sold separately)

4. Solar LED Patio Umbrellas

Solar LED patio umbrellas are free-standing or can be placed at the center of a patio table. Similar to tilting umbrellas, it also comes with a pivot. It’s different from the other types because it comes with LED lights. This has become popular recently because it is a double-purpose furniture.

If you prefer hanging or relaxing outdoors until the sun goes down, this is a great option for you. Some models even have changing color LED lights which would help with the party atmosphere.

Best Choice Products Solar Powered
LED Lighted Patio Umbrella

Umbrella diameter: 10 feet, 120 inches
Ribs: 8 steel
Pole height: 96 inches
Pole diameter: 1.5 inches
LED lights: 24 (3 on each of the 8 steel ribs)
Colors: Brown, Burgundy, Light Blue, Gray, Green, Navy Blue, Red, Rust, Sand, Tan, Yellow, Light Green
Charge and run time takes 6 to 7 hours each
Tilt adjustment can be done with one push of a button
Comes with a wind vent and crank handle
Fade-resistant, water-repellent, and UV-resistant fabric
(The base is not included)

5. Double-sided Patio Umbrella

If you have a large outdoor area and need a huge canopy to cover it, you can get a double-sided patio umbrella. The other types tend to have a 9- to 10-foot umbrella diameter, but this one has 15 feet or more. It looks as if two umbrellas are combined into one and they are placed on each side.

To support this big canopy, double-sided patio umbrellas have more steel ribs than the other types. You have the option to place it at the center of a patio table or make it freestanding, but you will need weights.

Iwicker Double-Sided Patio Umbrella

Umbrella diameter: 15 feet
Ribs: 12 steel
Pole height: 8 feet
Pole diameter: 1.88 inches
Colors: Beige, Red
Has an easy crank lift and air vented top
100% polyester canopy
Fade-resistant, water-repellent, and UV-protected canopy
Rust-free and powder-coated steel pole
Comes with its own umbrella base

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