30 Ways You Can Upcycle Tires As Patio Decorations

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Owning a car, motorcycle, bike, or another type of vehicle is expensive. Aside from the initial purchase, we have to pay for gas, installment, insurance, and maintenance. Another thing we also have to constantly pay for are tires.

Not only do we have to pay for new ones when we replace them, but we also have to spend money when disposing of these parts. Junkyards and landfills are being filled with stacked tires, which would probably start toppling, given the number of tires people use in a year.

Luckily, we can do something about it. To avoid tireslides and to save some money, we can repurpose used tires into decorations and furniture. Some may feel that tires won't be able to make their place look nice as these are dirty things. But with some cleaning and creativity, anyone can turn these old tires into beautiful outdoor decorations.

Check out these 30 ways you give old tires a new life and purpose. Find out how to recreate the designs by visiting the source page, clicking the link, or watching the video.

1. Tire Chair

You can easily turn an old tire into a chair with some rope. You can recreate the chair seen below by following this guide.

(Image Source: Instructables Outside)

2. Tire Sandbox

Here's a small and simple play area that your kids or pets would love. You can find the materials you need and tutorial here.

(Image Source: I Heart Naptime)

3. Tire Basket

If your tire has served its purpose, you can still convert it into a basket. Use it as a decoration, storage, or pet pouch. Check out what it looks like in the video below.

4. Tire Hose Caddy

Are you tired of having your hose jumbled up? Instead of buying a hose hanger for it, you can turn an old tire into a hose caddy. Find out how to do it in this guide.

(Image Source: Root Simple)

5. Wall Planter

Who knew you could turn tires into planters! If you don't like the black color, you can cover it with different-colored paint. See the tutorial here.

(Image Source: Recaptured Charm)

6. Fish Tank and Plant Pot

Before throwing out a used tire, you can use the inner tube as a fish tank and plant pot. Watch the video below to see how.

7. Hanging Flower Planter

Here's another planter style you can copy. With some chain and string to keep it steady, you can recreate this simple decoration.

(Image Source: Home Talk)

8. Tire Ottoman with Wheels

Check out this portable ottoman made from an old tire. Find out how to recreate this furniture in this tutorial.

(Image Source: Instructables Craft)

9. Tire Decoration with Succulent Plants

Hang your favorite succulent plants in a three-row tire wall planter. Watch the video below to see how they did it.

10. Tire Planter

You don't need pots when you have used tires lying around. Check out this standing planter you can place anywhere in your yard. Find out how to recreate this furniture in this tutorial.

(Image Source: Home Talk)

11. Rope Ottoman

You can easily turn an old tire into an ottoman with some board, rope, and a glue gun. But if you're planning to leave it outside, you would need something stronger than glue sticks.

(Image Source: Handimania)

12. Tire Ottoman

Here's another ottoman style you can do with old tires. Watch the video to see how they converted their used tires into this colorful ottoman.

13. Tire Toy Box

With some white paint and wood, you can also turn an old tire into a toy box - similar to the one below.

(Image Source: Recyclart)

14. Tire Coffee Table

Some coffee tables are expensive, good thing you can turn an old tire into one. You can even use it as a storage box. Find out how to build this furniture here.

(Image Source: Instructables Workshop)

15. Flower Pots

If you have some old moto tires, you can stack them and create a simple flower pot. Check out the video below to see how you can turn old tires into pots.

16. Trendy Table

It seems that yarn and tires are a great combination. This table looks store-bought but it's actually an old tire. Find out how to build a similar one here.

(Image Source: While They Snooze)

17. Tire Totter

If you're having a hard time encouraging the kids to spend time outdoors, they might change their minds if you have this in your yard. Better yet, you can build this together, turning it into a family project.

(Image Source: My Fix It Up Life)

18. Storage Bin

Here's another cool way you can turn an old tire into a storage bin. Check out the video below to create your own.

19. Tire Swing

Both children and adults can enjoy this tire upcycle. Turn your old tires into a swing but make sure it's safe before letting anyone use it. Find out how to create a tire swing here.

(Image Source: eHow)

20. Garden Pond

I was surprised to see that you can also use old tires to create a pond in your backyard. If you want to do this project, here's the tutorial.

(Image Source: Handimania)

21. Tire Seats with Storage

It seems that it's popular to turn tires into seats. Here's another way you can recycle old tires into a seat with storage. Watch the video to see how!

22. Tire Teeter Totter

Check out this simple teeter totter made out of an old tire. Find out how to do this project by following this tutorial.

(Image Source: Sugar Bee Crafts)

23. Tire Planter

Check out this beautiful planter! Who would have thought that it's not store-bought but made out of an old tire? See the tutorial here.

24. Tire Flower Pot

Decorate your garden with this adorable-looking pot. Watch the video to see how you turn an old tire into a flower pot.

25. Tire Trug

What's a trug? It's like combining a bowl and basket that is used to carry harvest. It is traditionally used in British gardens and typically made out of wood. It's not a patio decoration but here's a tutorial if you want to recreate the tire trug seen below.

(Image Source: Instructables Living)

26. Pony Tire Swing

Here's another swing you can create from an old tire. Find out how to build this pony swing by following this tutorial.

(Image Source: Dave's Garden)

27. DIY Tire Ottoman

If you have any old or used racing tires, you can turn it into a larger ottoman. Watch the video below to see how.

28. Wishing Well Planter

Here's a nice-looking planter you can add to your backyard. You can recreate this design by following this tutorial.

29. "Frieda La Frog" Tire Planter

Check out this adorable frog planter! It's a nice project you can do with the kids. Find out how to recreate this planter here.

(Image Source: Two Women and a Hoe)

30. Aquarium

Who would have thought that you can create an aquarium from an old tire? Watch the video below to see how.

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