How To Save Money on Patio Decoration

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Every so often, you’ll find yourself wanting a quick getaway from the busy and overwhelming city life. You can spend a day at the beach or go on a hike, but nothing can compare to a private outdoor escape at your own cozy patio.

Whether you have guests coming over or you simply want some alone time in a relaxing exterior, decorating your patio is just as important as decorating the rest of your house. While the process is fun and exciting, it’s not always affordable. Going all out with furniture can cost a good amount of cash.

There’s no need to give up a nicely-decorated patio even if you’re on a budget. Here are eight tips to help you save money on patio decoration.

1. DIY a garden wall.

For starters, walls make a great space for creative pieces that don’t need to be expensive. If you have a patio that’s close to a fence or garage, you can maximize that space with some hanging décor. If you’re in the mood for some DIY, you can use old kitchen items to create a garden wall piece. Instead of throwing away old or used glass jars, repurpose

them to create an eye-catching garden wall. Instead of throwing away old or used glass jars, repurpose them to create an eye-catching garden wall. Paint them to add a bit more color or display them as they are. You can opt for fake plants too, which are low-maintenance but can give the same outdoor feel. These wall pieces are sure to give life to your patio, minus the cost of getting a designer-created garden wall.

2. Make a garden shelf out of an old ladder.

If you don’t have a wall for your vertical garden, there are several household items that can be turned into creative pieces, like an old wooden ladder. If you happen to have one lying around that isn’t used as much, you can repurpose it to a garden shelf with a little DIY.

For a pop of color, you can repaint your ladder to a brighter, pastel colors to match the outdoor theme of your patio. It might help to deconstruct the ladder for this step, so you can apply the coats of paint completely without missing any spot. This will also help it dry faster.

Once it’s ready for display, line the plants in colorful pots on the steps. You can decorate with old books or knick-knacks to complement the plants. The video above shows the results of a DIY garden shelf out of an old ladder.

3. Brighten up your space with string lights or candles.

There might be a better way to use those Christmas tree lights that you keep in a box for the rest of the year. Outdoor decoration is most appreciated during the day. At night, they’re nothing more than shadows on your backyard. It may be rare for you to relax outdoors late at night, putting some lights on your patio is still a great and simple way to add décor.

Outdoor lights add ambiance to your outdoor patio and give them much needed attention at night. Highlight the space by reusing old string lights along with the ceilings or walls. You can also get creative with a DIY wall candle holders using simple materials like cardboard, strings, and candles.

4. Give new life to old furniture.

Instead of splurging on new outdoor furniture, take a look at the ones you have at home that you’re keen on disposing of. With the right tools, you can make these look brand new and repurpose them for your backyard décor.

In less than a day, you can refurbish old metal chairs by scraping the metal, giving it a quick wash, and spray painting it. You can also do this to reuse any old interior metal decorations that you’ve kept hiding in the attic.

5. Turn a wooden rake into a display.

Do you have an old wooden rake stashed away in the basement? You might have just found your next patio décor. Turn the rake into a hat or plant rack by mounting it near the entryway. To add some details, you can hang novelty items such as old souvenirs or vintage accessories on the teeth of the rake. You’ll be surprised at the small items you’ll find lying around

the house that can complement your rake display.

6. Use inexpensive materials such as pea gravel.

Decorating materials can be a bit overwhelming for your budget, especially since not everything can be DIY-ed. However, there are several less expensive alternatives to common patio decorations that are just as appealing. For your flooring, pea gravel is a flexible, DIY-friendly stone that you can use on your walkway. Pea gravel is a great low-cost and easy to

install addition to any patio décor that can give your space the same breathtaking look. This goes for all the materials you might need to polish your exterior. Looking for substitutes might need a little more work, but you’ll find that they are just as rewarding once you see them complete your patio décor.

7. Convert a dining chair into an outdoor swing.

Swings are a beautiful touch to outdoor patios, but apart from being hard-to-source, they are quite expensive. If you want that accent piece without spending much, you can DIY an outdoor swing using an old dining chair.

Once you’ve found the chair you want to upcycle, start by unscrewing the legs. To make it look brand new, repaint the chair with a brighter color and wrap the seat cushion with patterned cloth. Lastly, attach ropes around the chair to hang it on your patio ceiling. Make sure to tie it properly to avoid any accidents.

8. Get dual-purpose furniture.

Make the most out of your budget by maximizing what you can purchase. Some furniture pieces serve multiple purposes, so you get two functions for one price and furniture. It’s space-saving as well! For your outdoor patio, you may find tables that serve as coolers or space-saving benches. Spend some time to look for these options if you’ve decided on buying

a new furniture. This is a great way to invest in your exterior without breaking the bank.

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