Fun Under The Sun: 50 Backyard Games and Activities To Enjoy With Family and Friends

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Do you have extra yard space? Why not use that area to have fun with friends and family?

Make the most out of your day and outdoor area by playing games or having fun activities with your loved ones. This doesn't mean hauling out the board game and playing on the lawn or a patio table. You should have something exciting like large-sized board games or do activities that you can't do indoors.

Not only is this perfect for an ordinary afternoon, but you can also do this during your backyard parties, family reunion, or small get-togethers. There are also dozens of games and activities you can do that both adults and children can enjoy. So check out these 50 games and activities you can do to transform your yard into a fun zone.

1. DIY Giant Dominoes

Whether you know how to play dominoes or not, this is a backyard game you can play with both kids and adults. You can also balance them and topple them over, creating a giant domino show.

(Source: Lemon Thistle)

2. DIY Tic Tac Toe Board Game

Get creative with your Tic Tac Toe games by building an adorable bumble bee versus ladybug giant set. With some wood, rocks, and paint, you can also build this simple game.

3. Poisonous Stump

For those who have a large space and a lot of children or guests, a simple game you can play is the Poisonous Stump. Get a bucket and place it in the middle, form a circle by linking hands, and try to avoid touching the bucket.

4. Bucket Ball

Have you played beer pong? If you enjoy playing this game, you may want to try bucket ball - but without the alcohol. You can play it in your yard, during camping, or at the beach.

(Source: Amazon)

5. DIY Bean Bag Toss

Another throw and shoot game you can play is the bean bag toss. Find out who has the best aim in your family or group of friends by getting the highest score.

(Source: Mod Podge Rocks)

6. DIY Hook And Ring Game

A challenging game that you can play with your guests is the hook and ring game. The goal is to swing the string with the ring so that it lands on the hook.

(Source: H20 Bungalow)

7. Giant Outdoor Kerplunk Game

If you have extra unused tomato cages, you can use it to build a giant kerplunk game. The objective of the game is to have the least number of balls that dropped after pulling the sticks.

8. DIY Backyard Connect Four

You've probably played connect four, but on a small scale. Make it more fun by building a large connect four that you can play in your outdoor area.

9. Custom Game Table

If you prefer playing your board games outdoors, you can create a topper for your fire pit and use it as a game table. You can paint a tic tac toe grid, a chessboard, or any game you prefer.

(Source: HGTV)

10. Ice Block Treasure Hunt

One way you can enjoy the outdoors under the harsh sun is to play ice block treasure hunt. Your kids or guests can enjoy looking for trinkets frozen in a large ice block. They would probably hope that the temperature increases so the ice melts faster.

(Source: Macaroni Kid)

11. DIY Cornhole Boards

Another way you can test who has the best aim is by shooting these bags into cornhole boards. Play solo or as a team, and then find out who can sink the most bags!

12. Giant Chess

Add a fun twist to a chess game by moving it to a larger board! Not only do you have to worry about your next move, but you also have to move with it.

(Source: Amazon)

13. Ladder Toss

Connect two golf balls using a string and then throw this at the ladder, allowing it to hang on the rung or rail. It looks easy, but it's actually difficult to make them hang and stay there.

14. Kubb Yard Game

The Kubb is a Swedish yard game that you can play with adults and children. The goal is to knock down your opponents' blocks by throwing batons at them.

(Source: Amazon)

15. DIY Backyard Bean Bag Toss Game

Here's another fun way you can play the bean bag toss game. You can set the board upright and have nets to catch the bags. Each hole will have a designated value of points based on the difficulty.

(Source: Thrift Diving)

16. Bowl And Bean Bag Toss Game

To make it simpler, you can also use bowls as targets. This is perfect for those who don't have time or need to quickly come up with a game for their backyard party.

(Source: One More Moore)

17. Lawn Twister

Most people play twister indoors, but the mat that comes with the set doesn't really make it more comfortable when you fall down. You can bring this game outdoors or paint the lawn if you don't have the set.

(Source: One Good Thing)

18. Yard Yahtzee

With just $2, you can build your own yard Yahtzee game. The game is simply rolling five dice and trying to score combinations that will give you the highest total points.

19. Bocce Ball

If you have a large yard, you can build a bocce ball court. This is an Italian lawn bowling game with the objective of getting your balls closest to the pallina (or the white ball).

(Source: DIY Network)

20. Water Balloon Piñatas

Instead of getting candy, you'll be getting soaked if you crack this piñata. This would be great if you have a pool to jump in after the game - since you're already wet.

(Source: Milk Allergy Mom)

21. Glow In The Dark Bowling

If you're hosting your party during the evening, a fun game you could play is glow in the dark bowling. You'll need empty bottles, a hamster ball, and glow sticks to play this game in your yard.

22. Outdoor Movie Night

Are you tired of watching movies on your couch? You should bring the movie night outdoors! You can have more people over and enjoy a larger screen - just make sure to check the weather forecast.

(Source: Crutchfield)

23. Giant Trampoline Board Game

With some trampolines and props, you can create a giant board game in your backyard. Check out the video to see their version of this game!

24. BattleChip

Combine the fun of playing golf and corn hole with the BattleChip. It's a fun game you can play with your buddies or kids. You don't have to worry about breaking the windows since you'll be using foam balls instead of golf balls.

(Source: Amazon)

25. DIY Ring Toss

Another fun game that tests your aiming skills is the ring toss. You can easily create this game with some dowels, panel, and nylon rope!

(Source: Mom Endeavors)

26. Bottle Ring Toss Game

Another version of the ring toss game you can play is using bottles. You just need to gather some empty bottles and make wooden rings.

27. Big Bananagrams

Bring your Bananagrams game outdoors by creating large tiles! The goal of the game is to complete a word grid after using all of the tiles.

28. Big Balloon Pit

Whether you're a kid or an adult, it would be fun to have your own ball pit. You can create one in your yard, but this time, with balloons.

29. Squirt Gun Painting

If you're not worried about a little mess, you can let your creative side take over and do some squirt gun painting. You never know if you or one of your kids might create a masterpiece.

30. Backyard Pipe Ball Game

Here's a more challenging toss game you can play outdoors. With some PVC pipes, you can create this simple ball game.

(Source: DIY Network)

31. Nerf Gun Battle

Gather into teams or go solo to find the best nerf shooter in your neighborhood. Make sure to use protective eyewear to provide getting an eye injury.

(Source: Taryn's Journal)

32. Yard Scrabble And Boggle

If you love to play scrabble or boggle, you can bring the fun outdoors by creating large word tiles! Make sure to find a huge empty area in your yard so you can use long words and win the game.

33. Giant Beer Pong

You may be amazing at beer pong, but how about in giant beer pong? Get some buckets and a giant ball, then you can invite your friends over for a fun bucket pong.

34. Balloon Darts

Inflate some balloons through a pegboard so you can play some balloon darts. If you're letting children play this game, make sure to watch them properly or use darts that are safer.

(Source: Landeelu)

35. Inflatable Push Bumpers Sparring

A fun and safe way to spar with your friends is with inflatable push bumpers. If you lose balance and fall of the inflated platform, you lose! It's also a great way to exercise and training your balance, core, and upper body.

(Source: Amazon)

36. The Tarp Game

Here's a fun way to play a tossing game. It's a huge tarp with several targets — you can either throw or kick the ball. Find out who can win the most points!

37. DIY Football Toss Outdoor Game

If you like playing football or want to teach your children the sport, you can start with this football toss game. You just need to create the board and grab your football — then start throwing!

(Source: Cherished Bliss)

38. DIY Chip Shot Golf Game

Want to practice your chipping? Try this chip shot golf game! Build the board and see how many balls you can get in.

39. Pool Noodle Ring Toss

Make the ring toss easier for children by making it bigger. With some pool noodles, you can create the ring and the stick.

(Source: Mission To Save)

40. Pool Noodle Backyard Bowling

With a yoga mat, cans, pool noodles, and a ball, you can create a small bowling alley in your backyard.

(Source: HGTV)

41. Horseshoe Pit

Have you ever tried throwing a horseshoe? You can create this pit so you can safely toss the horseshoe! Start practicing because it's harder than the normal ring toss.

(Source: DIY Network)

42. Shoot Ping Pong Balls

If you have some golf tees and ping pong balls, you can practice your water gun skills on a target - similar to the one below.

(Source: Campinglivez)

43. Hippie Cricket

A fun backyard game you can try at home is the hippie cricket. Your goal is to knock a cup or two by throwing a frisbee. Check out the video below to see how.

44. KanJam Game

You need two teams of two to play the KanJam game. To play the game, you throw or deflect the disc into the can. There are different ways you can earn points to win, find out the rules here.

45. DIY Tetherball

You've probably played tetherball at the schoolyard or a park, so why not bring this home? Create your own tetherball by following this guide here.

(Source: Old Salt Farm)

46. Spikeball

If you've watched the show Shark Tank, then you might have seen the Spikeball. It's a fun and competitive game where two teams of two compete with rules similar to volleyball.

(Source: Amazon)

47. Human Ring Toss

It seems ring toss games are popular, so take it to the next level by using inflatable pool rings and yourselves.

48. DIY Bottle Cap Plinko

If you've seen the show The Price Is Right, then you've probably seen how Plinko works. For this one, you replace the chip with a bottle cap and place it on top of the Plinko board. Release and wait to see where it lands at the bottom.

49. DIY Mini Putt Course

Even if you maintain your lawn, it would still be difficult to putt on it. You should create a small putting course, just like this one.

(Source: Jaime Costiglio)

50. Ball In Basket

Here's another fun way to test your aiming skills. Find out who can shoot the most balls in a row with this ball in basket game.

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