Expand Your Outdoor Cooking Space With Outdoor Grill Cabinets

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We get it; moving your grilling tools and other dinnerware from the kitchen to the outdoors can be a hassle-filled, tiring experience!

To make your outdoor grilling experience more convenient, you may want to consider installing a grill cabinet. This allows you to have extra storage, bring your dining room outside, and quickly spend more time grilling outdoors. Let’s discuss the top picks for your outdoor grill cabinet needs that meet your outdoor space needs, regardless of the budget, size, or style.

Types of Grill Cabinets for Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Every outdoor kitchen is unique. There are different grill cabinets to fit various grills in your outdoor living space, such as the following types:

  • Drawer & door combo grill cabinets ─ The first type of outdoor kitchen cabinet refers to a versatile storage cabinet, which acts as a storage compartment for all your grilling tools and accessories. You can easily access the gas, electrical connections, and kitchen tools within arm's reach.
  • Door grill cabinets ─ Like the drawer and door combo grill cabinets, door grill cabinets allow easier access to all your gas and electrical connections. You won't need to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality!
  • Drawer grill cabinets ─ If staying organized is your main priority, you'll benefit from the multiple drawers in this drawer grill cabinet. It's where you can keep all your essential grilling tools and cooking accessories within reach.
  • Warming drawer grill cabinets ─ If you want to serve fresh food at the perfect temperature, a warming drawer grill cabinet is your best bet! It offers a level of convenience and comfort that you and your guests will surely appreciate.

7 Outdoor Grill Cabinet Options to Consider

To make your shopping experience easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best outdoor grill cabinet options you need to check out.

(Source: Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens)

In designing your outdoor kitchen lay-out to ensure the most comfortable outdoor living and entertaining space, these grill cabinets from Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens allow you to express your unique style while benefitting from the additional storage. Aesthetics plus convenience– think of it as hitting two birds with a single stone!

Product Specifications:

  • Cabinet depth: 27 ⅞”
  • Total height: 34 ½”
  • Cabinet box: 30” H and 4 ½” adjustable legs
  • Black anodized toe kicks can be ordered separately and cut on-site
  • Standard stainless steel pulls are included (You will need to pay more for additional upgrades)
  • Includes hinges and screws

It also comes with a tapered stainless steel leg with an adjustable foot, allowing for an open contemporary aesthetic. Also included with your purchase are stainless pulls. But, you may also want to consider stationary and pull-out shelves. These outdoor grill cabinets are available in wood grain, or powder coat painted finishes. Should you require it, you can also purchase extra depth cabinets available in almost every size.

(Source: Amazon)

We're big fans of this multi-purpose outdoor table and storage cabinet, which allows you to cook, serve, and pour drinks while never being far from your guests. Many homeowners like to use it as a BBQ grill cart, a prep table, and even a serving cart. It is an excellent addition to your outdoor kitchen setup, especially with the extra counter space with the top that is studded with stainless steel.

Besides the closed cabinet, it is also designed with an additional open shelf and hooks on the side. You can count on it to make it more convenient to grab things quickly as you grill!

(Source: Trex Outdoor Kitchens)

Trex Outdoor Kitchens is known for its customization and function, especially in its line of outdoor grill cabinets. They offer various door and drawer configurations, with bases that come with generous grill accommodations, a warming drawer, and stainless pulls.

Consider adding grill cabinets to your outdoor kitchen cabinetry if you can benefit from the extra storage space for your BBQ grill accessories (and more).

Product Specifications:

  • Available widths:  27” to 62”
  • Outdoor grill cabinet depth: 27 7/8” (including the door)
  • Cabinet box height: 30” and 4 ½” adjustable legs
  • A trim kit is available for every outdoor kitchen cabinet to ensure a proper fit

(Source: Werever Outdoor Cabinets)

This brand firmly believes that the grill is the heart of the outdoor kitchen. Therefore, you need to make it as convenient as possible! Every outdoor kitchen must have enough storage to place your utensils, so they offer a line of outdoor grill cabinets for your consideration. This cabinetry is built to last from solid HDPE and comes with a lifetime warranty coverage.

They have several styles for outdoor grill cabinets, such as:

  • Drop-in style cabinets
  • Pedestal style cabinets
  • Specialty grill cabinets for custom grills

In particular, let's look at their drop-in grill cabinets for built-in grills, which is the most popular style and accessible grill cabinet type to install. Each cabinet in this line is cut to order with the face plate, doors, and support structures to accommodate unique grill dimensions and countertop thickness. The manufacturing process leverages state-of-the-art design software and CNC machinery, ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

(Source: Danver)

Are you looking for outdoor grill cabinets made from stainless steel? This brand got you covered! Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens provides unique grill cabinets in different door and drawer configurations. Plus, the base is equipped with a warming drawer, refrigerator, and grill accommodations.

Should you decide to purchase any of their grill cabinets, we're confident it will allow you to express your unique style and taste while having adequate storage space for your grilling accessories in the backyard or patio. You'll never have to compromise aesthetics for utmost functionality.

With the features of this outdoor kitchen setup, you will be able to have all the benefits of working from home while grilling within the comfort of your very own backyard. The island section in which the grill will be mounted comes in at 48W x 34H x 25D. It has two large heavy-duty drawers for storing gasoline, tools, or whatever else you might need. It also has a slot where you can run your power cords through if you want to hide them for a cleaner appearance.

Product Specifications:

  • It is made from heavy-duty 1mm thick stainless steel
  • Grill Base: 48" with 45" usable width
  • It comes with 2 Large Heavy Duty Drawers
  • It has an adjustable leveling feet
  • Modular construction for flexible setups
  • Extensive hole with grommets to accommodate your electrical cords

The THOR Kitchen brand offers reliable performance and power of premium cabinetry at a cost-efficient price range. In particular, the THOR Kitchen 32 Inch Grill Cabinet deserves the spotlight in this list– which holds a 4-Burner Built-in Propane Gas Island Grill in place.

It is designed with two storage drawers and a bottom storage cabinet, giving you the additional space to organize your grilling essentials and even your kitchen towels and cleaning supplies.

Why Should You Consider an Outdoor Grill Cabinet?

Several homeowners want to cook more conveniently outside instead of running back and forth to grab different kitchen supplies from the indoors. You may want to consider adding a unique, personalized setup with an outdoor grill cabinet. This allows you to keep everything you need for grilling in one convenient spot outdoors! This also allows you to expand your food prep and dining areas and make more use of your backyard or patio.

Depending on how you plan your outdoor kitchen, this may also effectively increase the value of your property once you decide to place it on the market in the long run. It's time to bring your dream outdoor kitchen to life! Start by adding an outdoor grill cabinet to improve your grilling enjoyment to the next level. Experience new delights by hosting BBQ and grill get-togethers like never before!

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