50 Outdoor Seating Design Inspirations To Make Your Yard More Comfortable and Inviting

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During a sunny afternoon, it would be nice to relax out in the yard. To make it more amazing, there should be a comfortable place to sit on.

That's why when the warm weather calls, you should have a comfy seating area for you and your guests. If you don't host parties, having a pleasant seating space makes a difference even when you're lounging in your yard privately. You don't want to read a book, take a nap, or enjoy the outdoor sitting in a hard and uncomfortable chair.

Whether you have a small or big outdoor area, there is a seating area design that would be both attractive and inviting. Check out these 50 outdoor seating area inspirations for your home.

1. Couch galore

Even if you have a small yard, you can use two corner sofas for a huge seating area. Check out this design! One has a patio umbrella, the other has a dining table, and there's even an armchair.

2. In the woods

This seating area is a simple couch, coffee table, and extra chairs, but the climbing plants and surrounding greenery makes it feel like you're in a forest.

(Source: Pinterest)

3. Pallet seating

Do you have an extra corner space in your yard? Here's a seating area made out of pallets. With some cushions, pillows, and simple ornament, the area would turn out great.

4. Under a pergola

There are times when you're relaxing or hanging out with your friends in your yard and suddenly it drizzles. Stay put by placing a pergola above your seating area.

(Source: Houzz)

5. Garden chairs around a fire pit

Feel the warmth and enjoy a cozy evening under the stars with a fire pit. Relax on some garden chairs while having a nice conversation with some family and friends.

(Source: Diiiz)

6. Tree bench

Save space and have a unique seating area by building a bench around a tree. Add some pillows and colorful plants to make the area comfortable as well as attractive.

7. Comfy marshmallow chairs

Check out these metal chairs with white cushions. They look just like marshmallows and I bet they would be very comfortable to sit in. Place a coffee table at the center to complete the look.

(Source: Chairish)

8. Seating wall and fire pit

A seating wall is a great way to add seating space around a fire pit. It can even accommodate to probably around 10 people. To make it more comfortable, add some pillows as well as cushions.

9. Outdoor couch

A nice and comfortable outdoor couch will do just the trick! Place a coffee table for your snacks and dishes, and the area will look inviting to your family and friends.

(Source: Room & Board)

10. Nest seat

A beautiful addition to a seating area is a wicker nest seat. The one below has a wide cushion and fluffy pillows, which will probably make it a good spot to read a book or sleep on.

11. Chair swing

Enjoy the cool breeze while hanging out in your outdoor area on a chair swing. If you like the feeling of being rocked, then this will be a perfect addition to your patio or yard.

(Source: Hanging Chairs)

12. Wicker set

To make your seating area look more attractive, you should get a set or similar chairs. This wicker set not only looks great, but it is also comfy with the cushion and pillows.

(Source: Cox & Cox)

13. Modern Adirondack chair

Check out this outdoor Adirondack chair. It's a lounge chair with a tall back and wide armrests. It's also slanted, so the seat at the back is lower than the front.

14. Wood sectional sofa

Here's a simple but attractive seating area. This wood sectional sofa comes with big and comfy cushions. It also has neutral tones, making the area look inviting.

(Source: Decorilla)

15. Under a patio umbrella

Feel the cool breeze and have some shade from the sun by placing your seating area under a patio umbrella. This space looks like an oasis with the surrounding greenery.

16. Bohemian-themed seating area

Even if you have a small outdoor area, you can provide comfortable and attractive seating space. Below is a Bohemian-inspired seating area with couches and extra chairs.

(Source: Elle Decor)

17. Cozy corner couch

This yard is small but it still looks inviting with the corner couch, fire pit, and lounge chairs. The surrounding plants also make it feel as if you're in a cool forest.

(Source: Houzz)

18. Modern outdoor sofa

Check out this modern outdoor sofa! It looks great and it even comes with a can opener and bottle holder. You even get the option to sit in an armchair if you prefer that over the couch.

19. Lounge chairs and cabana

This seating and pool area will make you feel like you're in a tropical paradise. You can relax in some comfortable lounge chairs or hang out in the cabana.

20. Double hanging chair

If no one likes to sit on a hanging chair because they have no one to converse with, get a double hanging chair. This is perfect for couples as well as people who have a lot of guests over.

(Source: Cox & Cox)

21. Hanging bench

Enjoy the shade while conversing with a friend on a hanging bench. This unique seating area will probably make your guests whip their phones out and take a nice picture of themselves sitting on it.

(Source: Style Me Pretty)

22. Tree cover

You might not need a pergola or patio umbrella if you place your seating area under a tree. This will provide shade from the sun, while the surrounding greenery adds some privacy.

(Source: Elle Decor)

23. Garden bench

A simple seating area you can create in your yard is a garden bench with cushioning and pillows. Make the area more attractive with planter decorations and colorful sheets.

24. Dining area and conversation corner

You can also use chairs and sofas as a divider in your outdoor area. Here is a corner sofa for the conversation area while the chairs and table set is perfect for dining outdoors.

(Source: Pinterest)

25. Armchairs and privacy curtains

Make your seating area more private by placing it under a pergola with curtains. Use armchairs with cushions and then add some decorative planters to bring life to the area.

26. Surrounded by greenery

Surrounding the seating area with hedges or other greenery will add some privacy as well as make it look more attractive. Check out this beautiful design!

27. Stones and pillows

If you want a unique-looking seating space, check out this look. Stones can be turned into chairs, but to make it more comfortable, you should use cushions and fluffy pillows.

28. Outdoor cedar sectional

Here's a beautiful seating area! It's an outdoor cedar sectional on a deck and has a screen for privacy. The other sides are open so you will still be able to feel the cool breeze.

29. Director's chair and wall couch

This space looks amazing! The unique-looking chairs and climbing plants on the roof makes it look magical. Who knew that you could use a director's chair for a seating area?

(Source: Pinterest)

30. Zen garden

Get lost and feel relax in this beautiful zen garden. Check out the shapes on the wall and the round chair. There are so many shapes you can see in this outdoor space.

(Source: Houzz)

31. Teardrop outdoor chair

This chair will make you feel cozy as if you're in a comfortable cocoon. The teardrop design will also be a unique addition to your patio or yard.

(Source: Wayfair)

32. Outdoor daybed

Enjoy a quiet evening with friends around a cozy fire and comfortable seating area. This outdoor daybed can accommodate multiple people or you can just lounge on it alone.

(Source: Hayneedle)

33. Lounge sofa

Are lounge chairs not enough for you and your guests? You should try a lounge sofa. Prop your feet up and relax your back with an extended sofa and reclined back.

34. Pergola with sofa swing

If you prefer a swing that can accommodate more people, you should get a sofa swing. Since it needs to hang, the seating area will most probably have a roof to provide some shade from the sun.

(Source: Pinterest)

35. Wicker chaise lounge chairs

You could also just get multiple lounge chairs. Check out these wicker chaise lounge chairs. It's perfect for those who have a pool, but you can also place it on your patio or deck.

36. Cushion galore and tiny ottoman

Wooden sofas are uncomfortable as is, so make it softer with cushions. This sofa has cushions all over and extra pillows, so expect it to be comfy. You can even prop your feet up on the tiny ottoman.

(Source: Overstock)

37. L-shaped couch

An L-shaped couch is like a mix of a regular sofa and a lounge chair. So if you want both, you should get this design. Adding some extra chairs would also be great if ever someone wants a normal chair.

38. Outdoor rocker

A comfortable chair to have is a rocker. Older people will like it and children will have fun on it, they enjoy rocking back and forth, especially when there's a cool breeze.

39. Curve patio chair

Some chairs are uncomfortable when it has a flat seat. Use a curve patio chair if you don't want to sit on a straight chair and prefer not using cushions.

(Source: Perigold)

40. Bean bag outdoor chair

An easy way to add comfortable chairs in your seating area is to use bean bag chairs. Just make sure that it is made for outdoors so that it would be more durable.

(Source: DigsDigs)

41. Pallet couch

A pallet couch sounds uncomfortable, but if you add cushioning similar to the design below, you would also probably want to sit on that. It even has wheels so you can easily move the couch around.

42. Mattress chairs

If you keep your lawn clean and well-manicured, then you can also use mattress chairs. It's perfect for a movie night or an evening when you just want to watch the stars.

(Source: One Kindesign)

43. Outdoor wooden swing chair

This wooden swing chair looks amazing. It has a huge cushion, and with the rocking, someone will probably fall asleep on this comfortable chair.

44. Seating options

For those who have space, a great seating area is one with a lot of options. So if someone wants to eat on the table, converse on the sofa, relax in the armchair, or use an ottoman, they can do so.

(Source: Houzz)

45. Hammock

If you have two trees where you can hang a hammock, go for it. Wouldn't it be nice to relax on one while reading a book or even to have an afternoon nap in?

(Source: House Beautiful)

46. Private tiny cabana

Keep your seating area private with a tiny cabana. Add a coffee table so you can have drinks and snacks while hanging out on the couch.

47. Bubble lounge chair

These bubble lounge chairs look very comfortable to sit in. The design makes this seating area more attractive and the thick cushions and fluffy pillows make it inviting as well.

48. Cabana daybed

With a daybed, you can have a very comfortable afternoon nap outdoors. You can even sleep under the stars if you have some netting or have found a way to get rid of the bugs.

49. Modern swing set

This modern swing looks amazing! It can fit several people or one person can lie down comfortably in it. You can read a book or take a nap on a sunny afternoon.

(Source: Encompass Shop)

50. Rocking lounge chair

You've seen a rocking chair, how about a rocking lounge chair? This will be a unique addition to your seating area. When your guests see this, they would probably want to try it.

(Source: Overstock)

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